Tips & Advice: Why do cats Chatter starring “Oliver’s war cry”

So I managed to record a video of Oliver the other day “clicking away” but have you ever wondered why cats do this noise? Scientist have various theories behind this some of them thinking that the cats are trying to imitiate their prey and others saying that this is down to the anticipating of catching […]

MAO~SAMA’s Sunday adventure!

Dear Diary, Sunday, TRULY was a really SUNNY-day. It was 25°C. My humans opened all the windows whilst I enjoyed a nap. I finished rolling from one sunny patch to another. There’s nothing like sunbathing in the early mornings! After a few hours of napping… my humans decided to put the harness on me. I […]

Oliver: “Playing” Playstation with my human

Right so one of my humans really likes using that black box that makes all the funny noise. But who says cat’s can’t join the fun! What are these dots @_@ Can I eat them????? Oh… Oh WAIT let me hunt that prey!!!!! I will defend you as I eat the giant animal thingies =0 […]

Oliver: The many cats of Barnstaple House part 2

So another warm weekend and another day at the window. This time I even ventured forth to look out of the front door! But wow what? There was ANOTHER boy cat. To make it worse he was more white than black??? Everyone knows only tuxedo or entirely black cats are good cats 😉 I suppose […]

Cat Cafe: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London

So this Friday just gone we got around to visit London’s amazing Cat Emporium. For those of you that are more interested in the photos than the review you can find the complete album here. The cat cafe was a fantastic experience from the beginning to the end! Upon entry to the cafe we were […]

Discounts & Offers: £5 off 1.5kg or larger bag of James Wellbeloved

Hi everyone, James Wellbeloved is currently running ANOTHER promotion on their dry cat and dog food. If you register or sign in here you can get a 5£ off voucher to print at home for either cat or dog food. This voucher can be used against any of their 1.5kg or larger dry food bags! […]

Cat advice: hairball tips and advice from Fiona Firth, Burns nutritionist

Hello everyone! Today we will have a look at some hairball tips and advice from Fiona Firth, Burns nutritionist: Prevention Quality diets, like Burns are designed to promote a healthy skin and coat. This in turn can reduce hairballs, as a healthy diet should mean less moulting. A cat that grooms and moults less, isn’t […]

Charity Work: National Cat Awards

Have you submitted your favourite feline for the Cats Protection National Cat Award yet? 🙂 If not there is still time until noon Friday 30th of May! Possible submission categories are: Hero Cat – cats that save the day Most Caring Cat – cats that have a positive impact on an owner’s health or wellbeing […]

Charity Work: CATS Protection Speaking up for cats – A manifesto for cats

Just found this interesting read on CATS Protections: They have put together a manifesto priorities in the run up to the general elections next year! If you wish to skip straight to voting for the manifesto priorities please click on the above banner. 🙂 Press release from their site: Animal lovers are being asked to […]

Review & Discount: Vet’s kitchen pet food

Hi everyone, This time we have a 5£ of 30£ spend for the Vet’s kitchen pet food range. The discount voucher can be used online and over the phone so head over to Vet’s kitchen cat food and quote discount code LPS14. For those of you that haven’t tried their food yet we picked up […]

Product Review: Cat Grooming and the FURminator

Cat Grooming is obviously a very important part of looking after your cat. While most cats will groom themselves we want to help them and stop unnecessary furballs! Unfortunately there is a HUGE amount of brushes and combs out there that just don’t work well or will pull the cats hair… Have you tried using […]

Discounts and Offers: Zooplus double points on British brands

Hi everyone, Weither you already shop at ZooPlus or note there is currently a double points offer availabe with them for any British Brand of cat and dog food. Lists of brands included for the double points rewards: Arden Grange Pet Food Burns Pet Food & Treats James Wellbeloved Pet Food & Treats Barking Heads […]

Product Review: Ancol Acticat Cat Play Tunnel

Hello everyone! Today we have tested and reviewed the Ancol Acticat three way Cat Play Tunnel. This tunnel is part of the Ancol cat range, for those that haven’t heard of Ancol they are an independent family owned company that specialises in pet accessories for dogs, cats and small animals and you can find their […]