Play, Hide and Nap

I have a product that can cater for all three important tasks of us kitties. Play, hide and nap! The product is called Kitty Cloaks.

You might be asking what are Kitty Cloaks? Well its a unique material that rejects cat hair and provides a fun hide n seek place for indoor play. Kitty Cloaks gives your kitties the perception of hiding and stalking in the great outdoors. 

I can still see you but I am sure you can’t see me…

I love the Kitty Cloaks as it will never get torn like tissue paper besides it makes a great game of pouncing for my cotton ball.

I think your Kitty will love this product called Kitty Cloaks. If you want more information on this product follow the link below.


Where to order,

Email :

YouTube :


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