Purrsday Poetry: The Dream

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes by Bernie Colley.

The Dream

Last night I had the strangest dream
where my cat talked to me
she told me nothings what it seems
and this was meant to be

Her tale she told of her life so far
and all the tears she cried
where all the kicks had left a scar
she carried deep inside

The hungry days she had no food
or a place to rest
the many times she wished she could
escape life’s hardest test

And the day that she was ill
when I found her lying there
and held her in my arms until
she knew that I did care

How I took her home with me
and gave her what she craved
the love she needed desperately
she knew that she was saved

Then I woke and shook my head
and gazed at her asleep
lying there upon my bed
my love for her so deep


Copyright@Bernie Colley 2016

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