Guest Star: Olive the Grey Kitten

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Bridget:

I gave in and got a roommate.

Meet Olive – a three month kitten who recently moved in with me.  She was born a few houses away to the cat of a friend of mine.  After returning from a month of training in Gabs, I decided it was time to have some company.

Two weeks in and we’re starting to set a routine.   I come back from work around 10am for a half hour break – during which she takes a nap on my chest.  When I get back from work she roams around my feet and shows of her new climbing tricks (she can jump very high and very far for her size). Her favorite trick is to climb the inside of my mosquito net and press her face into the corner, ensuring that she looks completely insane.  At night she chases and eats moths and any other bugs that enter my house.  Weekends she’s learning to explore the yard, climb trees, and not get eaten by dogs (so far so good).

She’s weird, adventurous, cuddly, and hyper.  The perfect roommate?

The original can be found here.

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29 thoughts on “Guest Star: Olive the Grey Kitten

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  2. samba2017 says:

    These photos are unbelievably cute and have brought a smile to my face. We have just lost our much loved beautiful cat Lenny. He had saddle thrombosis. Our home feels very empty without his presence and we would love to get two kittens but it feels too soon at the moment. Your blog has planted a seed though! I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have a chance to look. A couple of my poems are about Lenny. Have a good day! Sam 🙂

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