Charity Mews: An update from Bella

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember our story from last year about Bella the cat that managed to eat a whole kebab stick!

We are pleased to be back with an update today to let everyone know that she is doing just fine and living happily ever after at her forever home with her Human and Feline family.

Bella was found by Cats Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Centre and after a full recovery was re-homed to her forever home! 🙂

Of course we too once had a scary incident with one of our little ones eating something that they shouldn’t have… It’s important that we all remember that something that seems harmless could cause much suffering to a vulnerable animal. 🙁


On this picture you can see that she has settled in just fine with the other resident cat, Blue, who are together on the trampoline on a warm summer day. 🙂


Can you guess where Bella is sleeping on this picture? Let us know! 😀

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24 thoughts on “Charity Mews: An update from Bella

  1. Really got to keep your home cat-safe. Just as people prepare their homes ready for babies. Cats are weird. They love things that they don’t know will hurt them. So it’s up to us. Glad she’s ok.

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