Guest Star: Boomer – One of the winners of our photo competition

Meet one of the two winners of our photo competition – Boomer! 🙂 Picture Artist: Yuki Chung Read his story written by his loving mum Barb on how Boomer and his family found each other. 🙂 Boomer was found soaking wet and hanging by a weed in a canal in South Weber, Utah, on August […]

Mews: Why Pets make us happy! Infographic

Hello everyone, Please find below this very interesting Infographic from Happify and the Psychologists at Miami University (And not how cats won slightly ahead of dogs :D): So what is your favourite pet? 😉 Hope you enjoyed this and more details can be found @ Happify Thanks, Katzenworld

Mews: Simon’s Cat Indiegogo Film Campaign! OMC!

Hello everyone, We just came accross the fantastic news that Simon’s Cat is planning a FILM and is running a campaign on indiegogo for this. 🙂 The film is going to be called Simon’s cat in off to the vet (Who of us can’t feel for him there?) YouTube introduction for the campaign and […]

Oliver & Nubia: Happy Tummy Rub Tuesday #TRT

Good Morning friends! We hope you are having a pawesome day. 🙂 Oli: Tickle me – I promise I won’t scratch!!!! ;O Nubia: Tummy Rub Tuesday with my favourite human’s leg <3 (By the way humans.. Don’t worry Oli can’t scratch you AT ALL at the moment – he just had his claws clipped back […]

Guest Star: Miss Dixie – Calico Power!

Hello Katzenworld,     I’m Miss Dixie from Alabama. I lived in a grocery store parking lot for the first 8 months of my life – dodging cars and eating out of dumpsters. I lived a lonely life – sleeping during the day behind the coke machines and only coming out at night for food. Fast […]

Tips & Tricks: Why do cats purr?

Is a purring cat really a happy cat? Unlike our domestic moggies, adult cats that live in the wild rarely purr at all. In fact, it is only kittens that purr to their mothers. Amazingly, through the process of domestication and human contact, cats retain this infantile trait to call to their owners – us. […]

Mews: Stray cat befriends lynx after sneaking into its zoo enclosure

The oldest and second biggest zoo in Russia is home to a very unlikely friendship between two quite different felines. Employees at the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg noticed that a stray stray cat was sneaking into the zoo in it’s hunt for food. The cat eventually made her way into the enclosure of an […]

Oliver: Blasts from the past – My first Christmas

Hello humans and fellow furiends 🙂 It is time for another blast from the past with your favourite Tuxedo cat! Yes ME Oliver! 😀 This time I want to tell you about our first Christmas with the humans. They bought us this gigantic amazing cat calendar! We loved the presents in it but even better […]

Cat photo competition TWO WINNERS announced!

Hello everyone! Thank you all for taking part in our photo competition! It certainly wasn’t an easy choice and if we could we would have chosen you all :D! (But I don’t think our artist would have liked us very much!) Since we had soooo many of you taking part in this, we convinced our […]

Cat Cafe: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London second visit! :)

So Thursday evening we went for a second visit to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. 🙂 We first went in May and the complete review of the previous visit can be found here. As before, it was an amazing visit! Totally enjoyed it and well worth coming back for again, and again, AND AGAIN!!! 😀 If […]

BOSS CAT! Confessions from the “Lost Cat” WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Dear Readers~ I have a confession to make. On the day of “Adventures in the car”, we actually traveled for 50 minutes away from home. It was a lovely sunny day. I saw a lot of amazing new things during the journey. ^^ There was a lot of scaffolding on the way! I LOVE SCAFFOLDING!!My […]

Oliver: My mouseeeeeey! Toy, friend, Prey? You choose!

Have I ever told you how much I love my mousey? I can chase it! Bite it! Lick it! Cuddle with! Sooooo many things I can do with it o.o” Tasty purrrr Noooo don’t walk away little mousey…. Come here will you! Got you! muhahahaha Getting sleepy now. And why does my head feel funny… […]

Oliver: Another late gaming night…

*Yawn* So the humans had another one of their late night boardgame nights… But why do they make sooooo much noise. And uuuuh light in the middle of the night what? Can’t you see I am trying to sleep??? *Growls* Turn the light off it’s late… so very late! XD Fine humans… I’ll just hide my head: […]

Guest stars: A day in the life of Farrah J. Faucet

Farrah J. Faucet was born near Philadelphia, PA approximately 5 years ago. It is believed that her early years were spent in captivity in a breeding mill for Persian cats. After a daring escape she found her current Human caretakers lived in their bathroom for a week before opting to become part of the family. […]

Mews: Kat Purroblems Amazing picture collection!

This was originally posted on our friends blog Hairballexpress which you can find by clicking here. 🙂 People think we kats don’t have purroblems but that’s not true – we have lots of purroblems.  Here’s a few examples; 1.) Paying fur damages. 2.) Your soul mate turns out to be just a reflection. 3.) Waiting […]

Guest Star: Freddie – The naughty Moggie

Dear Katzenworld, Here is a picture of Freddie. He’s a naughty Moggie. But very spoilt. He’s 9 months old. Brief Profile Name: Freddie Age: 9 months Pet Human: Jessica Phillips Freddie’s Story I got him for my 20th birthday and got him on November the 2nd 2 days before my birthday , I went to […]

Book Review: Dear Lucky – Letters to our cat by David Williamson

Hello everyone, Today we are going to have a quick look at what we thought was a little gem of cat stories. 🙂 We are talking about “Dear Lucky – Letters to our cat” by David Williamson. The book is about the story of a very lucky rescued kitten–his luck in being rescued on a […]