Guest Star: Liberace


Meet Liberace! He is a rescue cat who lives on a farm near Palmerston North, New Zealand. He is estimated to be about eight years old. Although he was rescued by a gay couple, his mottled tuxedo, dark ‘hairline’ and loud, flamboyant meows also made his name an obvious choice, and he is often called ‘Archie’ for short.

Liberace’s owner had just lost her sixteen-year-old cat and did not want another animal in her life, but she was living with bored, overly-concerned older people and needed space to grieve without being watched, so when friends found Liberace dumped near their house, she decided to adopt him. It wasn’t long before his hunting antics kept everybody busy, and whenever he was naughty, his owner would dress him in a bow- tie to take a ‘cat shaming’ photograph.

These punishments never completely worked; he enjoys posing for the camera and appears proud to model his bow-ties.

Nevertheless, the older household members were kept entertained, and one even began sewing bow-ties for him after seeming to have given up interest in sewing.

As Liberace is mostly white and may have gone some time without sunscreen or regular check-ups, his ears had developed precancerous lesions. On advice from the vet, his owner booked a procedure to have the pinnae of his ears removed, and she took many bow-tie photographs, thinking that all or most of each ear would need to be removed.

However, because the pre-cancerous lesions were treated and managed early by a highly competent veterinarian, his ears barely look surgically altered. Liberace’s family would like to thank Pet Doctors, Palmerston North, for their care. This is his first moment of freedom after the surgery; he had been indoors for three days.

Liberace’s household would like to encourage everyone to consider getting a rescue cat to keep older family members involved in life – and to be vigilant about preventing cancer if you have a white cat.

If you would like to see more pictures of Liberace in his bow-ties, check out his Facebook page, ‘Liberace and his friends’. It’s the end of winter in New Zealand, so there are not many new pictures right now. He’ll soon be modelling some new bow-ties, so watch this space.

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Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – Adventures in the spaceship Part 1

Hi everyone,

We are back for the 10th instalment of The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia!

Today’s story is based on one of our previous reviews. If you remember we reviewed the Litter Robot here. And you’ve got to admit the futuristic automatic litter box does look a lot like a space shuttle!

So we thought… what would our two think of it? Would they think it’s a space shuttle? And from there our thoughts came up with a fun part fictional story board! Enjoy. : )



Renegade: What do you mean by I am in the way?!?

Hi everyone,

Oliver: How are you all today? Our humans attempted to do a review of the new HiLife cat food ranges and of course our new little brother had to be straight in the pictures!!!

Renegade: What do you mean by I am in the way… I am just helping to investigate…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oliver: See the trick is to let the humans open the box first because you know we don’t have thumbs to do this ourselves…

Renegade: And when I can jump straight into the box right? 😀


Oliver: What?!? Extra tasty salmon?

Renegade: A piece of basket material!!!! @_@ *drools*

Oliver: I don’t think you are meant to eat that young one…

Renegade: Found a comfy spot! 😀

Oliver: And how are the humans going to show the different types of food to the rest of the feline world? o.o

Renegade: Fine I’ll move!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Renegade: Feed me. Feed me. Feed me!

Oliver: Shhhhh let the readers see all the different food we get to try. 🙂

Renegade: Yeeeeees! This is much better food oh glorious food! But the humans could have broken it up a bit for me…

Oliver: They probably would have had you not meowed so much. 😉

Oliver: So what is Rennie eating there?

Renegade: CHICKEN!

Oliver: Yes and more details for our readers…

Renegade: CHICKEN!

Oliver: Fine… I’ll tell them instead. He had a pouch of HiLife It’s only natural tuna in jelly. The good thing about the HiLife food is that it’s full of natural ingredients with the addition of taurine to ensure their food is complete food. Often cat guardians don’t realise that a lot of wet food is only complimentary as it lacks the right levels of taurine.

Renegade: *smacks lips* Well whatever it is I think it’s delicious. 😀

Oliver: Btw where is Nubia…?

Nubia: *Looks down from atop the scratch tree* Here! It’s peaceful and quiet here…

Nubia: Ah scratch tree delivery of snacks! How nice of the humans. 😀 And it’s my favourite type of snack! Freeze-dried meat! This particular one is also part of the HiLife It’s only natural range but is of course a complimentary snack.

Oliver: Right now that everyone is happy… time for a surprise for our readers! We’ve arranged a giveaway for our UK readers to be able to win a hamper with HiLife food! 😀

Renegade: Will the winners donate it to me? I am hungry again…

Oliver: No… they won’t it’s for THEIR felines… Anyhow onto the giveaway!

Oliver: For your chance to win one hampers there are a few simple things you have to do. First of all you must be a resident of the UK or enter for someone with an address in the UK (this is partly down to each country having different regulations on what food can be send into their country!)

Secondly you have to complete one or all of the tasks below using our giveaway tool. Each task will gain you more chances at winning and tasks such as tweeting about the giveaway will earn your extra chances. 😀

Good luck everyone! 🙂

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Prince Renegade the Creator of Chaos