Competition: Missy & Chance Online Pet Photo Show

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a post from our friends Missy & Chance! It’s all about an online pet photo competition in the style of a traditional cat show. You can even win rosettas but without the annoyance of having to head to a show packed full with cats that might upset your little cat. 😉

All details below:

Missy & Chance here, we are running our 2nd online photo show (entries close midnight Feb 28th) and would love to see some new furry friends 🙂

16265786_253183778439541_6514040278076679571_n Our last months Best In Show winner Reuben Redfur was over the moon when he won 🙂

We accept entries from worldwide and nobody “goes home” with nothing.
Anything which our shows raise goes towards vets expenses to help keep Missy looking as healthy as she does in her 2nd pic 🙂


Looking forward to making new friends

Welcome to Missy & Chance’s 2nd Online Pet Photo Show
Entries close midnight February 28th 2017

Rosettes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class. Best In Show and Reserve Best In Show will also be awarded.
Any unplaced entrant will receive a “special” rosette

Entry fee is £1.00 per photo, per class which can be paid by PayPal to (friends & family) Payment can also be arranged by bank transfer.

Anything which may be made will go towards Missy and Chance (vet bills/food/essentials)

LIST OF CLASSES (open to all pets)

1: Pretty Girls
2: Handsome Boys
3: Cute Babies
4: Pets In Action
5: Sleepy Pets
6: Best Friends
7: Mischievous Pets
8: Brightest Eyes
9: Silly Expression
10:Rainbow Bridge Pets
11:Anything Goes

12:Cats Only
13:Dogs Only

14:PRIZE CLASS: All Time Fav Pic (1st place will receive a £5.00
Pets At Home gift card)


Please send your entries by private message on Facebook or via email with pets name, class number entered and address. Pics will be added once payment received

Judging will be done by friends unrelated to our groups to keep things as fair as possible

Good luck to everyone that enters! We will be sure to enter a photo of Nubia and Oliver. 🙂

If one of you readers wins let us know so we can mention you in the follow-up post!



I Love Making My Cats Purr

img_6509I like to make my cats purr. Of course, I enjoying giving them pleasure but today as I had my morning petting session with one of my fur babies, I realized I’m doing this absolutely selfishly. I want the purr. I want to experience the soft vibrations and listen to the familiar comforting hum, which instantly works as a metronome for my relaxation. My breathing calms down and regulates and as I bury my entire face against his fur. I made him feel this way and he is doing the same to me. This is inter-species symbiosis of the purest form.


I only fell in love with cats three years ago even though I am a Leo born in the Year of the Tiger. All my life I suspected felines were sneaky, moody, and would ultimately kill me in my sleep. I was 39 years old when someone suggested a therapy pet to help with my anxiety challenges. My husband said, “hell no” to a dog in an apartment so he suggested a kitten, never imagining in a million years I’d agree. Three days later I had an 8-week old Russian Blue in my lap and I was won over forever.

The first time my daughter heard our gray-blue kitten purr, she said, “I think her tummy is rumbling.”

romeo-and-stellaOnce you hear the purr, you want more and more and more; like an imaginary cocaine. Because their purr vibrations are in the 20 to 140 Hz range, they can have therapeutic effects. The power of the purr can lower stress and blood pressure, reduce the risk of a heart attack, help heal infections and assist in healing bones. There is an old veterinary adage: “If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal.”

romeo1Recently my husband read an article which verified my sneaking suspicion. Turns out, while or pets don’t actually emit a magical love spray, stroking a cat does cause a release of oxytocin in both humans and our animal companions, which is often called the “love hormone.” 

This was just the justification I needed to understand why after a year of living with a “one cat to four humans” ratio, our family desperately wanted more fur per person. Two years later, we adopted twin brother kittens to spread the purr around.

img_6908-2Cats have been revealed to be one of life’s biggest surprises. My ignorance, from misunderstanding this complex and beautiful species, was unfounded. Yes, they can be moody, but more often they are mysterious, intelligent, resourceful, and loving. Most importantly, my three cats are naturally impeccably clean, spending as much as half their waking lives grooming themselves, their relatives and friends, which is way more than I can say for the three humans with whom I live.

img_0675    rigby1

Giveaway: Join other UK cat owners and protect your cats from fleas and worms with Protect My Pet

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got some big news for you! We’ve teamed up with the lovely people from Protect My Pet to give you the chance to receive your first cat health box completely free.


The first 500 people to use our code will receive their cat health box totally free. If this sounds interesting read on to see what this is all about. 🙂

The people behind Protect My Pet have put together a very different subscription box to those commonly available. The cat health boxes are all about preventative care (with the extra added healthy snack or treat depending on your box!)

So why not join busy cat owner’s across the UK that never forget their pets’ flea and worming treatments?

Many of you might be thinking but my cats are all indoor, they won’t need anti flea treatment… Well unfortunately WE do leave the house and many cat guardians forget that we can carry fleas and other parasites back into our homes on our shoes, trousers and so on! So it’s important that all cats need to be treated regularly against parasites to protect them and you against the dangers of worms and to prevent flea infestations.


Protect My Pet tailors a health box to your cat, packages it up and posts it to you just when their flea and worming treatment is due. All their boxes fit through the letterbox and you can choose from brand leading products. Subscriptions start at just £6.99 a month, delivery is free and you can cancel at anytime.


Get your free first box by using code KATZEN by 28/03/17. Choose your box at

While our code will work only for the cat health boxes don’t forget to check out their fabulous gift boxes filled with natural toys and treats.



Terms & Conditions:

  • UK residents only
  • One single pet box per household
  • NO Cash alternative