Renegade: Purrtastic brush finally available in the UK

Hi everyone,

It’s Rennie here today and I was lucky enough to get a go at the BendiBrush before my siblings. 😀

Renegade: Being me I had to of course be suspicious of it at first right?!?

Renegade: That does include testing the consistency of a new brush… you never know what humans think will work on us. ;o But this one seems to pass cat quality control easily!

Renegade: Oh yes…. this feels good! Purrtastic to be precise. 😉

Renegade: And you all better not make any fun about me sounding like a pidgeon… :O

Renegade: Oh yes… just a little more on my back please…

Renegade: So why is this BendiBrush so good you wonder? Well that’s easy… it’s nice and flexible so it bends around our bodies rather than many of those stiff brushes that can scratch us if the humans don’t know how to use it. 😀

Renegade: Below the key features of the BendiBrush

  • The BendiBrush is a groomer created pet brush (Patent Pending) that is dog and cat approved.
  • The BendiBrush body bends to contour around the pet and reach sensitive areas.
  • The BendiBrush is the best dog and best cat brush for detangling and deshedding.
  • This grooming tool removes excess undercoat.
  • This gentle dog and cat brush makes grooming fast, fun and easy.
  • The rounded bristle tips and multiple size bristles prevents scratching and injury and helps to remove knots & tangles.
  • The BendiBrush massages and grooms with rounded, flexible and strong bristles.
  • The BendiBrush is ergonomically designed to handle comfortably and groom dogs and cats gently.
  • The brush can be used wet or dry for all pet sizes and long or short hair dogs and cats.
  • The BendiBrush is a great brush for kittens and puppies.

Renegade: And I give it my total high paw of approval (high five equivalent!) But I am assuming you also want to hear what my slaves human servants had to say about it right?

We are so happy that the BendiBrush is finally available through a UK retailer! Having previously had one tested through a friend in the US we knew that this was one of the best and most versatile brushes out there but with shipping and import costs it was a bit problematic to get it over here.

If you are a looking for the one brush to comb them all look no further as the unique design enables you to get to the hard to reach spots of your fur-family with ease.

And our cats really seem to enjoy the grooming session with this brush as Renegade and Nubia purr in ecstasy and even Oliver who hardly ever tolerates brushing will allow brushing with this brush.

Renegade: See told you not just I approve but so do my slaves humans! If you want to get your paws on one of these don’t forget to head over to the Cider House Pet Supplies website to command your human to purchase one of these. 😀

You are one of our US readers? Not to worry you can find more details in the post by my brother & sister!

Signed by,

Prince Renegade the Creator of Chaos and Maker of Mischief

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Moving? Help Your Cat Acclimate with These Tips

Moving? Help Your Cat Acclimate with These Tips
by Cindy Aldridge

You’re moving along in your career and it’s time to upgrade your one bedroom apartment to a more adult abode. You’re excited and ready to begin a new chapter in your life. You cat is another story altogether. Read on for a few ideas on how to calm your cat when the calamity of change capsizes her comfort zone.

Take a tour

Curtail your cat’s confusion by letting her spend some time perusing the rooms of her new place. Walk her throughout the home on a leash or harness, following her lead as she examines the new sites, scenes, and scents that will soon become all too familiar. Allow her a few hours to explore and note any areas she pays particular attention to. These may be suitable spots to put her stuff once she’s been let loose.

Set boundaries

Even if your cat will have free range to roam, limit her living area to a dedicated domain. Her bed, food bowls, and toys should remain in close proximity to one another, giving her a space to call home. International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) describes cats as solitary hunters who thrive by establishing a territory with a core area, or den, where she can feel secure enough to relax.

Stay calm

Moving is an emotional experience full of stress and strains that can affect your cat’s behavior. According to Pam Johnson-Bennett, best-selling animal author and cat behavior specialist, moving to a new home can easily trigger anxiety in your feline friend. And since cats pick up on our emotions, remain cool throughout the process to calm your cat’s cantankerous conduct. Ease the process on yourself by preparing well ahead of time: clear your calendar, cleanup clutter, and outsource obstacles, such a small home repairs, that need to be completed before moving. Consider hiring an extra set of hands on moving day so that you can turn your attention to your tiny tiger.

Adjust for age

Moving with a young cat requires plenty of preparations, but moving with an older animal is almost a full-time job. In addition to keeping your cat close by, you’ll want to make sure the new home is easy to navigate for your fragile feline friend. Redfin, one of the nation’s leading real estate companies, explains that there are many simple home modifications to consider when your cat (or dog) is past his prime. For example, since cats like to sit on windowsills, add a pet ramp to make her ascension easier.

Cat-proof the new place

“Curiosity killed the cat.” There’s a reason this idiom has stood the test of time. Cats like to know every nook and cranny of their environment. Don’t assume that your new house will be a safe haven for your curious kitty, especially when your attention is turned to pressing matters, such as unpacking. The Humane Society of the United States suggests covering garbage disposal switches, securing screen, and taking measures to ensure that your cat doesn’t get caught in dark, quiet places, such as behind the dryer. Be mindful of unattended cleaning supplies and medications, as many cats like to chew and these items can be poisonous to your purring pal.

Moving to your dream home can be a nightmare if you don’t take the proper steps to keep your cat comfortable. So remember, maintain your emotions, provide a safe space to call her own, and ease into the transition. This will help you, and your cat, start out on the right foot and plant your paws confidently in your new community.

Worldwide Giveaway win a surprise box from 4cats – November 2017

Hi everyone,

We are back for another chance to win goodies from 4cats. It’s once again surprise box not just containing catnip and valerian toys but a selection of other cat goodies as well. : )

This one will be running until the 4th of December to give plenty of people a chance to win some of these fabulous toys!

One of the previous winners, Rose and her cats, have been raving about her box of toys:

Fun time with smelly valerian and pawesome catnip

Most people are always surprised how potent both the catnip and valerian toys are so do give yourself the chance of trying these out.

And we got some amazing photos with some of their toys. 🙂

If you want to make your cat happy as this little beauty above read on!

So to be in it for a chance to win this box that is sure to delight your cats simply enter by completing actions through our giveaway tool below:

Good luck everyone! The deadline for entering is the 4th of December 2017 at 23:59 UK time.

The box of toys will contain a selection of surprise goodies but you will be asked for your preference of either catnip or valerian!

And if you happen to be the lucky winner don’t forget to send us some cute photos.