Can you see what I’ve got around my neck?

Angel Pet Supplies make beautiful leather collars for cats and dog. This one is the Studded Cat Collar. It’s beautifully made!

They believe that our feline companions deserve to look and feel their best while remaining safe at home and outdoors. Their popular genuine leather cat collection is available in 3 distinctive designs, 2 sizes and 6 gorgeous shades. Whether your cat prefers Bling, Studded or Plain, you can be sure their collars will highlight their personality and features.

Each cat collar is manufactured with a safety elastic stretch as well as a bell for your peace of mind. Available in 2 sizes, from kitten to well- fed.

As you can see Angel wearing her Studded Cat Collar under her fluff. It doesn’t tangle or pull her hair either.

It has a safety release in case she gets caught doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Angel Pet Supplies can give you some comfort, safety, durability and esthetic appeal to your pet for complete peace of mind.

Because of Angel’s dark fur sometimes it’s hard to see if she has a collar on, but this bright red Studded collar glistens through her fur.

About Angel Pet Supplies Story :

Based in Toronto, Canada and founded in 2006, Angel Pet Supplies is a manufacturer and wholesaler of fine leather pet accessories. Through extensive market research and the sourcing of quality raw materials, Angel has been able to create some of the most popular designs appealing to the majority of pet parents. Manufacturing products that are both humane and comfortable for your pet is what we understand best as we truly believe that every pet is as unique as their guardians.

Named after our beloved Chocolate Lab, Angel began as a result of a long search for a good quality, esthetically appealing yet affordable leather collar and leash. For a greater part of Angel’s life, we had a difficult time locating a beautiful work of art…..something that would further enhance her outer beauty. We were looking for something that would encompass the 5 main attributes of our initial and current philosophy: Quality, comfort, durability, fashionable and affordability. Angel deserved to look and feel her best.

It seemed as though everywhere we turned, our choices were either something very plain, lacking the quality we expected or something extremely expensive that in many cases also lacked the quality behind the hefty price tag. After a few months of extensive research, design and creation, Angel Pet Supplies began supplying high quality yet affordable leather pet products in late 2006.

Our commitment to providing the best products and customer service go hand- in- hand. Our loyal retailers have experienced for years that we are always here for them. We have made “Contact Us” a very simple procedure. Our office staff is always on hand to answer your calls and reply to your emails. We never tire in our efforts to keep our customers happy and at the forefront of this ever- growing industry. Our relationship with our customers is based on years of trust and the personal attention we give to each and every one. We know that your customers expect only the best products and services from you which is what you expect from us.

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Angel’s Eyes-Persian

CATB: Unusual best friends!

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As promised please find below the latest post from Cats at the Bar! 😀


You’re warm, you’re fuzzy…just don’t tell anyone your a dog.”

Have you got a photo of your cat being best buddies with an unusual animal? Share them with us!

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8 Myths Uncovered About Nutritional Food For Pets

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Today’s infographic is provided by Serrena Merle:

Pets are adorable to their owners. Along with the other playful activities, providing the best food is also an expression of love and affection towards a pet.

Unfortunately, most people are ignorant or don’t realize that not following an accurate diet guide, can be harmful to their pets.

Pet food cannot be generalized for all type of animals. Selecting the right diet sheet becomes a huge responsibility, as there are many determining factors like breed, size, life stage, activities of a pet.

Ideally a pet’s food guide should be checked for nutritional benefits, ingredient quality and manufacturing standards. Also, ensure that it should be easily digestible and safe, free from toxins or any harmful chemicals.

Have a clear understanding on how various type of food, such as dry or raw food, meat or even the byproducts react in different animals. One should also be aware of the fact, that some animals are allergic or highly intolerant to certain grains or millets.

It is always better to do a thorough research or take a professional’s advice if you want a good life for your pet.

Following info-graphic uncovers some of the myths regarding pet food.


We hope you found her infographic useful. She also writes for this website.



Feature Image Source: Specific Diets, which also contains extra useful tips!