Fantastic 2017 Calendar Offer for Rescues and Sanctuaries!

From the creator of the brilliant Ten Cats comic strip, the 2017 Sanctuary calendar is a cute yet poignant look at rescued animals and their stories – perfect for animal advocates, rescuers and rescue supporters.


Artist Graham Harrop is offering rescues and sanctuaries the opportunity to buy copies of the calendar with the rescue’s own logo on it! Whether they decide to give them away to supporters or sell as part of their fundraising efforts, rescues will get quantity discounts on orders of 25 calendars or more.


If you’re from a rescue or animal sanctuary and would like more details on getting your own personalised 2017 calendars, or to place a quantity order, you can contact Graham at or follow this link to find out more.


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Cool Sushi toys for Cool Kats!

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We came across these wonderful and adorable sushi toys on Kickstarter the other day and just couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you!😀

The campaign has mere days left to back it but don’t worry as it has already well exceeded its goal of $3000 and in fact by so much that it has unlocked a fair amount of their stretch goals!

We personally LOVE Kickstarter as it’s a great way of helping young businesses and entrepreneurs to get their idea of the ground and provide us consumers with great things at amazing introductory offers.🙂

Behind this particular idea is Foodie Kat as per their Kickstarter Campaign this is how it all started:

The idea for Foodie Kat began with my love for food and my love for animals. I wanted to create food-themed toys that were simple in design, and fun for both pets and their humans. I mean, you’ve been to pet shops, how many pet toys can be called beautiful?

My goal was not only to make these toys attractive but to make them available at a great price as well. With your partnership, I can professionally manufacture this “Sushi” toy set and make the toys available for everyone!

Anyhow below are the campaign details so you can make up your mind if this is something you and your kitty would like.😀


About this project



Finally! A toy for the cat with a more refined culinary palate!

“Sushi” by Foodie Kat is a plush sushi toy set that will stimulate your kitty’s natural instincts to explore and play, and satisfy the need all cats have for a sophisticated and well-cultured experience.


These soft and durable toys are the perfect size for some serious play time by your favorite feline!

sushi cat

The Nigiri toys are each infused with a generous amount of catnip while the Maki toys come with a bell inside to offer a variety of fun entertainment.



Their design goal for the sushi set was to keep it simple. Simple designs are safe. They reduce the chances of tears, breaks, and choking. No need for fancy stitching, beads, paint, additional ink or printing designs which add to the cost and increase health risks for your cats.

Simple designs = high quality & low cost. 

These toys are made with felt and infused with catnip. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

We hope you liked the look at this campaign! We personally can’t wait to get our paws on our own one.😀



The Purrfect Move

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Today we’ve got some important tips for you all from our friends over at MedicAnimal:

The Purrfect Move

While no one likes to think about the stress of packing up your house, moving home is an exciting time for most people. A new place to lay down one’s roots, a new community and new challenges.

Cat 1

However, moving house is not always the easiest for our pets. While there may be new sights and smells, as well as different roads to roam, there are also the stresses of a new environment, both indoors and outdoors, as well as the potential threat of other neighbourhood animals. This is particularly important for cats who are likely to be out and about on their own, exploring their new territory.

Andrew Bucher, co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer at MedicAnimal says:

“While our attention may be on the packing, the admin and the finances, it is important to think of your cat. It can be a stressful time for them too and it’s important to take into consideration their fears and what you can do to help them settle in, just as much as you and the family.”

If you’re in the process or planning a move, here are some things to consider both before and after the move.

  • Planning: Cats will be aware of changes happening around the house. Former hiding places may not be as calming as they once were or favourite chairs may have been moved. It’s important to keep your cat de-stressed. Set aside a separate room during the move with plenty of toys, food and water. They’ll also expect lots of attention, so make sure you continue to play and interact as much as you can. It also means they’re unlikely to escape. The last thing one needs to be doing on the day is searching for kitty!
  • Moving: It may sound obvious, but remember not to pack away your cat in the removal van or the boot of your car. Your cat should come with you in the family car and if it’s a long journey, make sure to take stops and bring water.
  • Alternative: If your cat is particularly nervous, has recently been unwell or is a bit older, then perhaps look into booking them into a cattery for a couple of days. It will allow you to get on with the work of packing and then unpacking, while your cat can have time away from the uncertainties around moving day. However, make sure it’s a cattery you know and trust.
  • Arrival: We understand there will be priorities and that the process of unpacking can take weeks, however, it will be important to get your cat/s settled too. As we recommended doing before the move, set aside a room with familiar toys, as well as food and drink. One thing to consider is products such as catnip or sprays with artificial pheromones that will help calm your cat/s.
  • Settling in: It’s all very dependent on your cat’s character, however, you should try and approach this as steadily as possible. Preferably, try to keep your cat indoors for up to two weeks and then introduce it to the garden to take in the new sights and sounds. If you’re concerned it may escape, then try a lead or harness.
  • Safety: We can all get a bit lost when exploring a new neighbourhood, so make sure you invest in a new collar with your new address. You should also visit your vet and get your cat microchipped. If they’re already microchipped, remember to inform the vet about your new details. If you’ve moved locally, it is worth letting the occupants of your old house know about your cat. Cats tend to follow similar trails and may well head back to your old house.
  • Instincts: We all love watching our cats, particularly as their natural instincts take shape. If you’re downsizing or moving to a house with a smaller garden or no garden at all, why not introduce new things for them to explore such as boxes, toys and dry food to hunt.
  • Playtime: No matter where you are, cats need love and attention, so make sure you set aside time to play.

By Andrew Bucher, Chief Veterinary Officer at MedicAnimal

Cat 2

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