Guest Star: The Amazing Milly Moos

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Today’s guest post comes from Milly Moos and her and her human Victoria:

The Amazing Milly Moos

Milly Moos is one awesome cat! Why you ask? Well because she has a special gift! She has the gift of sensing anxiety in people, especially children. This gift won her a place in The Cats Protection National Cat of the year finals in 2014. She has a “pawsome” relationship with her little human William, which started before he was even born. Milly Moos and William are the best of friends so read on to find out what adventures Milly Moos gets up to.

We got Milly Moos when she was a kitten eight years ago from a local person who’s cat had a litter of kittens.

When we first brought her home, she would hide like most kittens do, but over time she came out of her shell and grew in confidence — and now she’s quite aloof! She does rule the roost, and I think that’s why she’s so protective over William.

She seemed to bond with William before he was even born. Before I was pregnant she would never sit with us or take any interest in us, but when I fell pregnant with William she would sit down next to me and put her paw on my bump. It’s usually dogs who can sense these things but she just knew something was going on.

As I was getting the nursery ready for William’s arrival, I’d often find Milly Moos curled up inside his Moses basket, and then I’d have to wash the sheets again! It’s like she was preparing for him coming as much as we were! Ever since William was born she’s had a great bond with him — they grew up and he’s always known her to be here.


First day fears

Their special bond became real just after Easter 2014 when William started pre-school. He gets anxious in situations that make him uncomfortable, and was getting frightened just thinking about going to school. He’s always felt anxiety and when he’s uncomfortable he’ll get upset — and at school he was completely out of his comfort zone.

Milly Moos seemed to sense he was scared, so one day when we were getting ready to go to school, she just came and sat by the front door. Instead of worrying about going to school, he became focused on her and ever since then she has been coming to school with us! She will walk either next to him or in front of him; she knows where the school is and where she is going.

She won’t go right up to the school gates as it gets really busy around there, but she’ll go as far as some bushes nearby and then walk back home with me. She also knows what time she needs to go with me to fetch him as well. It’s like she has a built in clock!

It’s quite nice because it’s become a real talking point for William — he’s been able to make friends as they will ask him about his friend the cat, and that has helped him with his anxiety. When new people talk to him, he’s able to talk to them about Milly. And he now really enjoys walking to school with Milly! If she’s not there when it’s time to go, he’ll go looking for her saying ‘Come on Milly, it’s time to go to school!’. He’s completely lost his fear now.


A feline celebrity

I had wondered if our situation happened to other people, but when I found out that it hadn’t, I decided to enter Milly into Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards for the Most Incredible Story category earlier this year. We had a great time at the awards and even though we didn’t win, Milly has become quite the celebrity cat.

Walking William to school is now a bit of a habit for her and she enjoys the attention she gets from people as well! She used to be aloof but she’s all about William now, I’ve since had a daughter and she’s not interested in her at all — she didn’t even come and sit with me when I was pregnant with her! It’s definitely William she has the bond with.

Do check out Milly Moos page here.

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Oliver & Nubia: Almo Nature CatLitter? But I thought they only made food!

Hi everyone,

It’s both us here together with a BIG surprise from our friends over at Almo Nature! As you know we love their food which we previously reviewed here.

This time they’ve given us their new cat litter to try!

Nubia: Of course Oli thought immediatly that it must be food… because he is obsessed with eating all the Almo food all the time!

Oliver: Hey now… I knew this wasn’t food!!!

Nubia: Right well onto more important things, the Almo CatLitter. 😉

Almo Nature CatLitter is an all-natural, biodegradable, compostable and flushable cat litter made from vegetable fibres.

Nubia: I am getting very curious what this will feel like under my paws… and will it work with our toilet?

Oliver: I don’t think any of our readers know about our new toilet yet sister…

Nubia: Oh yes that’s right that one is coming up as a future review and futuristic it sure is!

Oliver: Eventually our slow humans FINALLY emptied the litter into our toilet.

Nubia: And you just have to see our new toilet at the same time. ;o

Nubia: Yep it looks like a space shuttle and the Almo Nature CatLitter works purrfectly in it. 😀

Oliver: More about our space ship toilet will come in a few weeks but for now lets look at the important Almo Nature CatLitter!

Oliver: Us cats just can’t be suspicious enough so I had to carefully climb into the toilet to double check if this litter is good… and boy… was it good!

Oliver: It ws not just super soft to the paws but it also didn’t smell at all!

Oliver: But did the humans have to photo me doing my business?!?

Nubia: Of course… we have to have photographic evidence of you going don’t we! 😮

Nubia: My brother is terrible and never buries his business… hence why we are glad to have our automatic space ship toilet… But you can see even with his dislike of digging a bit of the litter sticks to his business.

Nubia: In fact this litter is so ultra clumping that you don’t need to throw away the litter every few weeks you just keep re-filling it as only the bits clumped around our liquid and other business have to go. 🙂

Oliver: Unlike our old litter that was so dusty that I looked more grey than black after coming out of the toilet this one did not leave ANY dust behind whatsoever!

Nubia: Almo Nature kindly provided us the above video as it was a bit difficult for our humans to keep watching us while using the automatic toilet. So of course clumps dissapeared quickly before they got back to it!

Oliver: They can certainly verify that this litter lasts alot longer and agree with the benefits listed by Almo Nature! Especially in automatic toilets which is far more efficient at removing clumps than most human servants it lasts forever. 😉

Nubia: Most importantly… you are not tracking litter ALL OVER THE PLACE ANYMORE!!!!

Oliver: Are you trying to say I am dirty? 😦

Nubia: No… just that this litter is a lot better than our old one of course. 😉

Nubia: We hope you liked our review and don’t forget if you’d like to give this a try check out the Almo Nature CatLitter page!

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Two red cats 12 – Stick and Rope

Cats like to play. Usually we used ropes and sticks to interact with them, but one day we had the idea to tie the rope to the stick to make it bounce like a wounded bird in the grass. Lily and Vitali would never stop to play with it!
And you? How you do play with your cats? And also… do you create cheap toys too? 😄

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