Angel’s Eyes: Under the sea, down where the catnip is better!

Hi everyone,

Today I am out playing with my little 4cats dolphin critter! This one is filled with valerian so I certainly won’t be risking to loose it anywhere *purr*


Have you read about valerian before?  NO? Well you should check out our handy tips on valerian and how to store toys filled with it! Especially since you may need to convince your humans that the smell is not that bad! 😉

I love my little dolphin so much that I made sure he will be fine out of the water by licking him all over. 😀

Mummy always tells me NOT to play with my food but the dolphin isn’t really food right?


So I can pick him up! And…


THROW him in the air. 😀

Oh and btw you can get this 4cats dolphin in our online shop with both valerian and catnip filling and what’s even better if you use katzenworld10 during checkout you’ll get 10% off.


Angel Eyes

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Angel has a big personality with a big heart. She was born September 24, 2013 in Chicago. She is very smart and learns anything by showing her once. She has won 12 photos contest and also has done advertising for pet tags for A Pets Life. She will play with any toy and would make a great product tester for toys.


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20 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Under the sea, down where the catnip is better!

  1. Wow! I think Bluebell would love this toy. She loves the really strong smelling ones! Lol.
    Watching you play with your new toy is lovely to see. Xxxxxxxx

  2. Adorable pictures. They particularly appealed to me because I drink valerian root tea (They put licorice in it so you get it past your nose.) and my husband’s school’s mascot is the dolphin. Tell the kitty, “Fins up!” That’s the school motto.

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