Dirk and the Pet Love Tail Tikkler

The Tail Tikkler is one of those toys that’s great for an interactive game with your cat. I make Dirk chase it around the house or up and down the stairs. We also play with it around his scratching barrel – at the moment it’s ‘hidden’ inside the scratching barrel! I love this toy as it gets Dirk running, jumping and climbing.

What’s that up there on my scratching post?? It looks interesting, let’s have a closer look.

Dirk mainly seems to love it because it’s fluffy and has feathers. He loves catching it and the dragging it with him to his ‘lair’ – in other words a cardboard box 🙂





No way I’m ever giving this back






He’ll lick the feathers and sleep on top of it so no-one else can get the Tail Tikkler. Obviously adding catnip to the mix makes this toy even more interesting. He’ll roll all around the living room with it. Keeps him entertained for quite a while and us as well just watching him 🙂

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Yummy feathers!! I love it 🙂

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Grumpy Cat Toys and a Not-So-Grumpy Dirk

I’m sure most of you have read about Grumpy Cat or seen pictures of him. I think he’s super funny even if it’s unintentional. I doubt he’ll be happy to hear I love him or that he now features in cat toys – at best he probably can’t care less.

Yes, you read it: Grumpy Cat toys!! I have to admit I think I might like these even more than Dirk does. The toys have the characteristic grumpy face which just makes me laugh out loud.

How do Dirk and the grumpy faces get along? Well, let’s find out!

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Whoa, seriously what’s that look on his face?!?!
(It’s his natural facial expression Dirk, Grumpy can’t help it)


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All right then, but I sure want to give it some good kicks 🙂


The Catnip Sock has some bells attached to it and the sock itself makes a funny rustling, crinkly sound. Most cats absolutely love this. Dirk will come running as soon as he hears it. You can hide the toy and squeeze it a few times to arouse his hunting instincts. Wait for you cat to get into ‘hunting mode’ and just watch him pounce and kick it around 🙂 And of course it contains the much-loved catnip… I’m afraid Dirk is an addict and I’m his enabler…

The other Grumpy Cat toy we play with a lot is technically a door hanger. I say technically because Dirk much prefers playing with it on the floor or anywhere else rather than the door. It makes sense too, because it is quite big and really suited for interactive games or stretching&kicking it around – which Dirk loves 🙂

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No mom, I don’t want to play with you. It’s all mine!

The door hanger looks like a cat and thus has also got four legs. Initially Dirk wasn’t so sure about all those dangling legs, but he soon discovered you can stretch and kick all at the same time. Another fun feature: when he gives the head some proper kicks it makes a squeaky sound too – which sent him flying the first time around.

While Dirk prefers dragging and kicking this toy around, you can absolutely hang this toy on the door knob. We only have door handles in the house and it’s therefore a bit difficult for Dirk to get the toy off the handle and play with it. However, if your doors have knobs then your can can easily grab hold of the toy’s legs and pounce them. With some effort they might be able to get them off the door knob. Just imagine the look on your cat’s face when they succeed!

Dirk is truly becoming one of Grumpy Cat’s fans and as they say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”!

(work those ears&eyes a bit more Dirk)

* Featuring Jakks Pacific Grumpy Cat Plush Door Dangler and Jakks Pacific Grumpy Cat Catnip Sock, Smell This!

Dirk the Rocket Cat

The MelloCat Rocket Roller is one of those toys I wasn’t quite sure of initially. I mean, it looks like a rocket (complete with take-off smoke) which is sort of cool. But rockets and cats?

Once again, Dirk took me by surprise and was immediately taken with this toy.

Give me that, I know it’s for me!

I’m sure you all know what Dirk is going to do with this toy! Yes, that’s right: give it a good kick 😉 And he can be really quite ferocious when kicking it so this is a proper workout for his hind legs. The toy is quite large: he can easily grab hold of one side and then kick the other side of the rocket.

My favourite thing is to send it ‘flying’ through the house so Dirk can go and chase it. He doesn’t really let go of this toy very easily though. I guess he’s happy he’s our only cat because sharing toys would be a serious problem…

Look at me and my cool rocket! We’re totally going places 🙂
(No, not really Dirk, you just look silly)

The MelloCat Rocket Roller is handmade and it looks amazing. It’s really well made and quite sturdy, it can take a lot of kicks! Any cats that love kicking toys and want to look cool doing it: this is your toy 🙂

Going to take a nap now, but don’t even think you can have the rocket back now!