Catnip Wars – Day 14 Where do the cats get all this stuff from?

Day 14

When I got home from work today there was a Fedex truck in the driveway. The driver was standing in front of the barn, looking at his clipboard and scratching his head. I asked him if he needed help. He said he was supposed to make a delivery to this address, a barn. He was very confused. So was I. I asked him who it was for and he said it was for a Tiggy Roberts. Hmmmm.

Well, I signed for it. After the Fedex guy left I broke the law! I opened Tiggy‘s mail from Amazon! A Galaxy S8! WTF? Where is he getting all this money? When he and Casey decorated the barn with lava lights I wondered a bit, but figured that maybe they had picked them up at a lawn sale or thrift store.

When they started ordering out to have pizza delivered every day I was curious where they got the money. When I noticed the big screen TV yesterday I was alarmed, but the dancing rats drove the question from my mind. But,

now that I’m thinking about it, how are they paying for NetFlix? Where is all this money coming from? I know they didn’t get it from me. Even if they pilfered all my money, they couldn’t afford more than one lava light. Are my cats engaged in criminal activity? I’m afraid to find out….

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Guest Stars: Linus, Ewa and Merlin from Germany

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest from Sabine a German friends of ours. 🙂

I’m Sabine from Germany. First of all I want to say that my english is not perfect so sorry for that 🙂

We have three cats :

Linus, male cat born 09.01.2005 Karthäuser mix dark grey
Ewa Magic, female cat born 30.05.2011 BSH lilac cream
Merlin, male cat born 30.05.2011 BSH (birth name Emmerson Lake) lilac

Ewa and Merlin are siblings.

When I met my boyfriend Mark in 2010 he already had Linus living with him when I moved in. After a while of time we thought that it could be better for Linus to give him a best budy so he is not so alone when we are at work. Linus was a very smooth and gentle male cat, so we decided that a BSH would be the best choice. We found the Breeder `cuddlyking`and visited them to look at the new kittens.


When we arrived there was a little male cat, Emmerson Lake (now Merlin)  which came to me, lay down in my arms and took a nap. So it was definitely clear…this is Linus new Buddy. We gave him the name Merlin because his fur is like the beard of Merlin the magician. The breeder told us that Merlin has a special connection to his sister Ewa Magic. We should get to know that when we wanted to take Merlin with us home.

We placed the Box in the Living room and cuddled  all the other kitten…but Ewa was missing. When the breeder wanted to take Merlin to the box we saw that Ewa was sitting IN the box, and every try to remove her ended in crying so sadly. She did not want to leave her brother!

So it was a fact that we would take both!
When we came home Linus looked at the Box and was not really amused about the new guests.

In the beginning there was a lot of hissing and growling but that’s kind of normal. Merlin resits these attacks but Ewa was so scared that Linus had found a victim…. We tried everything …giving treats together…playing together … but nothing changed Linus opinion that Ewa is not welcome. He attacked her everytime he saw her. There were so many fights and we did not know what to do. We wer totally overwhelmed what to do because Linus behavior was so different from the cat that we knew.


Our dream of a perfect family with 3 satisfied cats was destroyed. We could not sleep a single night because we were scared about new attacks.

Then there was a TV show in german TV it is called `3 Engel für Tiere` . In this show they presented problematic animal households and they tried to help. so I sent an email desperate as I was. And  a female psychologist for cats answered that she would come and try to help us.

She looked after us for a year with clicker training, new come together,  therapy  and so on….but in the end nothing changed Linus opinion. He simply does not like Ewa. He attacks her everytime he sees her.

So we had to make a decision…. One of them had to find a new home or we  divide our apartment in 2 territories.  And so we did. Additionally we built an exploring cage outside to make them  feel more comfortable by exploring Gras and birds in a safe environment. We did not want to give somebody away.

Sometimes it is a little bit exhausting for us  because you always have to be carefull if the door is closed so Ewa and Linus do not meet each other …but …ok everybody feels comfy with the situation. Merlin and Ewa cuddle and groom each other so nobody is alone.

Linus simply is a human cat. He does not like other cats so much. Only Mark and me. He feels comfy with lying on our chests, talking to us and getting some cuddles. When he was a kitten he was in a bad household he had flees and was in a bad condition until Mark rescued him. He loves humans. He never learned Cat talk between cats. After that long journey about some years we know all that.


What I want to say is, that it is so important to think over what kind of cat do I have. So many come togetheres  are going wrong because the humans do not know the real needs of their cats.

Puhhh…such a long text … did not know that when I started to write.

Actually I wanted to say that Linus looks like a twin of that dark grey cat on the table of a berlin cat café. But I hope you all enjoyed the story.

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Guest Star: The Finding of Filipos

A year ago, I had little interest in Greek cats, but after seeing an article in a blog I started following a Facebook Page, God’s Little People which is a cat rescue in Syros, a little Greek island. I fell in love with one of the cats, Fanta, a sweet cream and white boy. I was surprised and rather taken aback when the lady who runs the charity, Joan Bowell, invited me to adopt him when I commented how much I liked him.

In my mind, adopting cats from overseas was something you did if you had transport and a lot of spare cash. I am disabled and unable to travel and my resources are limited, so I was certain I wasn’t the person they were looking for. I was told none of that mattered if I loved the cat, and would care properly for him, funds and transport could be arranged. I agreed to adopt Fanta after much careful thought.

Meanwhile, some of the people I know were proving hostile and telling me I had taken leave of my senses in wanting a Greek cat. I was undeterred. I had given my word. If anything, they made me more determined.

Sadly, when the logistics of bringing a cat to the UK were looked into, it proved to be too difficult to transport a nervous cat like Fanta. He hated being in a cat carrier and would have spent many hours in the hold of a plane before being handled by strangers on arrival and then facing a journey across the country to my home in the North.

By then, the idea of adopting a Greek cat had grown on me so when Joan suggested a kitten in place of Fanta I agreed. She told me that the local vet often rescues stray kittens and that they travel much better than adult cats. I said I would wait until next year, though, as I already had a young kitten and two adult cats. I had been shown several kittens, all beautiful, but none felt like my special kitten.

On September 4th 2017, I happened to glance at the vet’s Facebook page and saw the most beautiful kitten with huge eyes.  He looked rather like Fanta, save that he was ginger and white rather than cream and white. I was instantly smitten and my carefully planned timetable was instantly discarded. I don’t understand Greek. Facebook translate informed me the kitten had been found in a car engine but was unclear whether it was a boy or a girl. I messaged Joan who agreed the kitten looked very special. She contacted the vet who told her it was a girl. I was very disappointed as I felt I had found my special kitten, but my cats are all boys and I didn’t know if a girl would fit in with them.

Photo credit: Joan Bowell

The next day I returned to the vet’s Facebook Page and there was another video, this time in English where the vet was holding the kitten and saying “It’s a boy!”

I immediately contacted Joan and told her I had found my kitten. He was so beautiful, though, I feared there would be many offers to adopt him. Indeed, the comments on the video included adoption offers from people who could transport him themselves.

The next day, I found a message in my inbox from the vet. The kitten was mine. There was still a long road to travel, though.