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Fondazione Capellino and Almo Nature

Fondazione Capellino is a private, philanthropic organisation focused on protecting dogs, cats and biodiversity. It’s funded entirely by the profits (after tax and cost deduction) from Almo Nature pet food product sales. The foundation manages 5 projects and Almo Nature is considered one of them.


Almo Nature is a high-quality pet food brand using natural ingredients that respect the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. When choosing Almo Nature products, cat mums and dads buy great food of their companion AND also automatically take part in the Fondazione’s mission to protect animals and biodiversity. The only beneficiary of Almo Nature is nature itself.

Other projects include: COMPANION ANIMAL FOR LIFE, aiming to raise awareness for responsible companionship and finding a life-long companion for every cat and dog by promoting adoption through campaigns and solidarity activities. HUMANS&WILDLIFE, safeguarding biodiversity, with a particular focus on large mammals whose living spaces are threatened by human activity. REGENERATING VILLA FORTUNA, experimenting with agricultural approaches that are beneficial to nature and biodiversity, as well as economically sustainable. IMPACT ON BIODIVERSITY, using innovative models and approaches to assess the impact of human actions, designed and instigated to protect biodiversity.

Find out more about Fondazione Capellino and Almo Nature by visiting the website, and following their Facebook and Instagram pages. #WeAreBiodiversity

Katzenworld is delighted to be working more closely with both Almo Nature and the foundation in order to promote these welfare projects as well as the Almo Nature products.

Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy is a natural and clinically proven de-stress and calming for cats and helps instantly by working with the cat’s own natural calming mechanisms.

Pet Remedy is valerian root absolute oil based and will help with any stressful situation such as settling in, bonding, loud noises, and travel.

Use the calming spray on the cat’s bedding or in carry basket, and even spray a little on your fingers and gently rub around muzzle, under chin, and top of chest.

Repeat this exercise with all resident pets when bonding a new cat in home.

Pet Remedy helps all mammals and birds, so will help all pets in your home.

Tigga Towers

So far, the company has made over 2000 people across the globe happy with their accessories and continues its mission to bring people closer together with their sweethearts. The 

small team of 5 devote their time and effort to this mission and hope to put a smile on cat people’s faces across the world.

Tigga Towers is a small, UK family business founded in 2009. Specialising in luxury cat products, we cater for all felines. Our modular cat scratching towers are built to last, using only the finest materials such as granite, natural sisal rope and solid oak. The modular system allows you to design your own tower from choosing your base material to selecting your colour of bedding. Additionally, each tower has an 18 month guarantee on its construction (base, poles and baskets).

We also have a designer pet bedding collection. This features our unique, super-soft and machine-washable non-looped fabric. There are plenty of bedding styles that you can choose from including blankets, memory foam pillows, donuts and even cave designs! We like to think that we have a bed for most felines (even the fussy ones) and the team are always happy to try and solve the mystery of why your cat never uses a bed to sleep on!

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Complimenting these collections is our range of organic catnip kicker toys. These gorgeous toys are also made with our super-soft, hard wearing fabric and they provide hours of fun for your kitty cats. Now with crinkle and bell designs – you simply must check them out!

Tigga Towers is delighted to be linking with Katzenworld and their fans. Between the team, we have over 40 years of cat experience and will be writing several blogs to share this with you all.

To find out more about Tigga Towers and what we are up to next, do visit our website: www.tiggatowers.com or check out our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We always happy to answer your questions, no matter how big or small they are.

Tigga Towers – ‘It’s where your cat and dog would shop!’

4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH

4cats are the world’s leading producer of stuffed cat toys and strive to provide our customers with excellent products in both valerian and catnip versions. Their items are handmade, filled and packaged in Germany. In the case of their valerian toys, the same, unchanged, formulation has been used for more than 30 years.

4cats are a family run business that specialises in high quality valerian and catnip toys. For the catnip toys they use a special formula of catnip that is their own creation and they call it 4catsnip. Through long testing and trialling they found that this particular mixture works especially well even for cats that usually don’t react to catnip at all! While they won’t disclose their special recipe they can certainly tell you that it is 100% organic and high quality catnip.

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