Catday selfie-Misha’s moments!!

Hello everyone! So today I am going to recall some moments with my cat Misha, who is with us since July 2016! She is a ninja cat and and self-acclaimed beauty queen. She is also a great singer (purrer!!) and regards me as her big sis!!Let’s look at some of our favourite moments!!

Photo of Misha when we found her‎!!
Misha, the ninja cat!! Heeeyaaa!!
What’cha doing sis? Really Misha asks a lot of questions! Misha’s question pose!!
Little Misha looks cute when she sleeps!!
Misha takes a lot of catfies! One of Misha's catfie!!
Misha takes a lot of catfies! One of Misha’s catfie!!
Misha’s sleepy look!!
Misha is ready to print pages!!
Misha is ready to print pages!!
Misha's current profile picture!!
Misha’s current profile picture!!

These were the bizzare misha moments!! I hope you like them all!!


I like to spend my freetime doodling, trying out some diys, listen to music and read a lot!!

20 thoughts on “Catday selfie-Misha’s moments!!

  1. What a sweet kitty. She was petite and skinny like my (now 16 years old) Lena when I adopted her. She has developed an old cat-lady’s disease which requires thyroid medicine daily. She eats a lot but burns up the calories she consumes. We play kitty-games to trick her into letting me catch her and administer the medicine. I am old too and life has slowed me down, but she is as fast as ever when it comes to getting away from me wanting to put transdermal medicine inside her ears. Hello to Little Misha from Little Lanky Lena Lou.

  2. Thank you for your cute comments!! Yeah now misha is very happy!! Recently she had a bad injury. Now she has recovered and started playing!!

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