Purrfect Handmade Gift Wrap for Cat Lovers

Purrfect Handmade Gift Wrap for Cat Lovers

I’m a bit of a stationery junkie, I’ll admit it. I have way more wrapping paper, gift tags and note cards than any human would ever need. I thought I’d put my obsession to good use and share a few favorites from my overflowing Pinterest board of cat-themed wrapping accessories.

These handmade gift papers, tags or boxes will add the purrfect feline touch to make the gift even sweeter. The artists I’ve featured below have hand drawn, hand printed, and hand stamped a variety of patterns – from quirky to elegant to rustic – making it easy and fun to find just the right wrapping to suit your gift recipient’s personality. Plus, it’s a great way to support independent artists and makers (who also love cats)!

Let me know your favorites in the comments. Oh and let me know if you have any tips for wrapping presents without your cat “helping.” I haven’t figured that out yet…

Papergirl Designs│Illustrated Cat Gift Wrap, Cards & Tags

Paper Girl

Carolyn Clingman is the “Papergirl” behind Papergirl Designs. She offers fun pet-themed wrapping paper, greeting cards and gift tags that will warm any animal lover’s heart. Papergirl Designs donates proceeds and products to several pet organizations annually. Visit her Etsy shop to purchase.

A Paper Affaire │Paper Cat Gift Box & Tag

This adorable gift box measures 3.25 x 3 inches. It’s too small for a gift card, but would be perfect for jewelry or small candies. I bet if you contacted the owner, Holly Havnaer, she could make something custom! Visit her Etsy shop to purchase.

Sea Bay Shop│Illustrated Cat Gift Wrap

I fell in love with this quirky blue cat illustration, but there are several other colors and variations! Chelsea Bayouth is the artist behind Sea Bay Shop, and these unique gift wrap designs are (as she says) “straight out of my sketchbook!” Visit her Etsy shop to purchase.

Egg and Spoon Studio│Hand Drawn Cat Gift Box

These cute Kraft boxes are decorated with a hand printed black, white or ginger cat face, featuring hand drawn details. They measure approximately 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm and come with a removable foam pad and a small sheet of  tissue paper. Visit their Etsy shop to purchase.

Sea Urchin Studio│Illustrated Cat Gift Wrap

A set of three rolled sheets of gift wrap, illustrated with happy, colorful cats. Printed in full color on thick, luxurious paper. Sara is an illustrator from Connecticut whose “whimsical designs celebrate the magical thinking of childhood.” These happy cats certainly fit that description! Visit her Handmade at Amazon shop to purchase.

Catscrappin│Muslin Cat Gift Bags

This rustic muslin bag measures approx. 3″ x 4″‘ and has double thick draw strings. Each bag is hand stamped by the owner, Lana Searfoss, so each one is unique. Visit her Etsy shop to purchase.

The Barefoot Printer│Hand Stamped Cat Gift Wrap

This set includes wrapping paper, two gift tags and  twine. The paper is hand printed by Lorna Roberts, who also uses her own rubber stamps that she has carefully and lovingly carved out. There are a few variations on this print. Visit her Etsy shop to purchase.

Bibury Paper │Gift Topper

How cute is this? A kitten plays with a red string ball to add an adorable touch to your gift. Kitten measures approximately 2 3/4″ x 4″. One yard of string on either side gives you two yards total. Visit her Etsy shop to purchase.

Cara Imperato is the Kitty Curator. She wanders the world wide web in search of cat-inspired art & handmade goods by indie artists and makers. Whether you’re seeking a unique cat lover gift or a place to share your own kitty creations, join the Kitty Curator community for daily features and curated collections. Subscribe at KittyCurator.com or follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


The Bengal Games

The Bengal Games…it could be a title of a very bad Hollywood movie, almost as bad as Hunger Games has been (sorry, fans…all the 3 of them!). But this is so much more entertaining: it involves two cats! 🙂

One of our 2 Bengal tigers (Roxy and her son Diego), Roxy mama, is old enough, nearing her second year, and smart enough too to be safe and go frequently outside. Alone or with us. Her son does not have this privilege yet, although we certainly could trust Roxy to protect Diego, we find that her son just too young and small at 5 months age to bear the great adventures of the world (like, other cats, seagulls, bikes, cars, occasional morons).

But as limitations (for now) arise, inventions do as well!

And boy, they have together their happy times inside, having rough looking funny fights, throwing each other, jumping over (or onto!); rolling, ducking, kicking and running based athletic championships: The Catlympics.

A bit of a selections (viewer’s discretion advisory: mute sounds, do not listen to the narration, the voice is AWFUL), 1080p, of course, hopefully much to your delight:

Respect Your Cat


No, Lola! I’m talking about International Respect Your Cat Day!

What? I’ve never heard of that Sasha. I’ve only heard of Hairball Awareness Day, National Cat Day, National Feral Cat Day and Happy Mew Year.

Well, Lola, International Respect Your Cat Day is one that our humans missed.

Talk about not getting respect, Sasha!

Yeah, they thought that they would just let that holiday slide by and we wouldn’t notice!

Yeah, right.

Yeah, that’s right Sasha! We have Hairball Awareness Day to look forward to on the last Friday of April. That’s a holiday that they won’t forget! 🙂


A survey showed that most pet owners would prefer to stay home and cuddle with their pet (63%) than go on a romantic date with their significant other (35%).

That won’t be our humans after the last Friday of April…


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