Mews: The world’s first Estate Agent for Cats


– New pop-up Estate Agent for Cats selling desirable cardboard box homes –

Estate agents are commonly found on most high streets, but you won’t have seen one quite like this… Blue Cross pet charity has announced it is opening the world’s first Estate Agent for Cats. The pop-up estate agents in London is offering unique properties for sale, all designed and built exclusively with feline tenants in mind. All of its listings – from Georgian manors to quaint cottages – are constructed of cardboard.

The inspiration for this unique ‘prop-paw-ty’ proposition came from observing a common cat phenomenon – that cats love cardboard boxes. The more serious message behind the Estate Agent for Cats is the importance for pets to have mental stimulation and a private place to have some quiet time where they won’t be disturbed. The charity also wants to promote the hundreds of homeless and unwanted cats currently in its care all needing a real home to call their own.

Ryan Neile, Head of Animal Behaviour at Blue Cross said: “Cats are very inquisitive and love to explore new things, so most won’t hesitate to jump inside a cardboard box. Owners often provide cardboard boxes for kittens to climb and play on and jump in and these early experiences create an affection for boxes in later life. Cats also love to hide and feel safe and secure, they will often seek out dark nooks and crannies with high sides.”

The cardboard box  ‘architects’  include journalists and bloggers, designers, retailers, 3D design university students and even school children. The box homes, including a tropical tepee, thatched cottage and palatial Taj Mahal are all up for sale via a silent auction ballot in the pop-up estate agents, with proceeds going to help the thousands of homeless, unwanted, sick and injured pet Blue Cross cares for each year. Each cat featured in the imagery used at the Estate Agent For Cats is a Blue Cross rescue pet looking to find its forever home.

The houses will be on display to the public, complete with detailed property descriptions and even floor plans wherever possible.

Estate Agent for Cats 

Open:  26 April – 29 April

10.00am – 4.00pm

Address: Estate Agent For Cats, 81 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS

The pop-up is based at PetsPyjamas’ East London HQ – home of Europe’s number one online pet lifestyle destination selling over 10,000 pet accessories. PetsPyjamas have donated their prime London real estate to host the Estate Agents for Cats for Blue Cross. Find out more at

Blue Cross offers helpful expert tips for owners planning to move home with their cats. Cats are highly territorial and can become very unsettled when there is a change to their environment – visit

To find more information on the Estate Agent For Cats and advice from Blue Cross visit the

With thanks to PetsPyjamas for hosting the Estate Agents for Cats for Blue Cross – find out more at

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Looking for a new cat toy?

Is your cat bored with their old toys?  Well I’ve brought you a new product hot off the shelf called Bright Bopper. It’s a new irresistible light up toy that bounces, lightweight to play fetch with or you can make them shoot across the room but by pressing down on them they bounce and shoot across the room for hours of fun.


  • Touch activated LED cat toy
  • Keep kitty entertained night and day
  • Just press down to spring it into action
  • Lightweight so cats can bat and chase it
  • Stimulates all of your cat’s senses
  • Foam ball is safe for chewing
  • Mesh body great for cat’s claws
  • 3 bright fun colors
  • Great for cats of all ages
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Kitty tested and kitty approved

You can also stand them up and watch your cat knock them down one hybrid one.

Angel love to knock them over even bat them around like a ball.

They are the purffect size to carry them around too.

Bright Bopper are great to get your cat active again and have some special one on one time that they demand from us humans. Let me get you the website to see for yourself and don’t forget to watch the video on Bright Bopper too.


Thank you for stopping by I hope your kitty likes the Bright Bopper as much as I do. Before you go drop me a few lines I would love to hear your thoughts


Angel’s Eyes -Persian

Best of January LondonCats show January 2017

Hi everyone,

As some of you may have read we will once again be attending a LondonCats club show so we thought why not share some of the highlights from the last show in January with you all in the lead-up to the show.

While at the show in January we met a huge variety of different cats and of course one was more adorable than the next! 😀

Our personal favourite has to be the little guy with his huge paws that was stretching out towards our camera.

We also got a lucky shot of the persian licking her mouth – a beautiful one that belongs to one of our good friends actually. 🙂

Being a cat show most of the attending cats entered a variety of different “rings” to be judged and receive awards. What we like about TICA and LondonCats is that they take loads of precautions to ensure the safety of the cats during the show and they will not allow people to continue if the cats show signs of being distressed by the event.

Of course being a popular show there also had to be a variety of stalls around to give visitors a chance to purchase some fabulous cat products!

And a you can see there were LOADS of exhibitors. And look closely you’ll see that while we couldn’t bring along the real Oli we had our little mascot Oli with us to visit all of the different stalls. 🙂

Most of the exhibitors shown above will be there again at the show this April so why not pop-by and visit us all? 😀



Your Friday Art Cat Works Out

It’s especially important to have an established exercise routine, not only for fitness, but also mental health. Physical activity helps to combat stress, build one’s confidence,  and maintain one’s svelte, feline figure.

Watercolor and Pen; Carol Parker MittalThe Friday Art Cat has a well-planned cross-training routine that includes scratching vigorously on the cat tree, dashing up and down the stairs, jumping up on to the forbidden counter, and diving under the oriental rug. She changes up her activities with added purr chirrups, an occasional bat at the catnip mouse, or a short rest for a paw lick. The Friday Art Cat likes to finish off her routine with a brisk round of toilet paper wrestling.

By being consistent, setting realistic workout goals, and finding ways to make exercise enjoyable, your Friday Art Cat improves her mood, physical appearance, and quality of life for the good!

Carol Parker Mittal is an artist and teacher living in Northern Michigan whose exercise routine can be described as sporadic and often inadequate. You can check out her blog about art and cats at Art is Not for Sissies. 


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia and the Maya Temple

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well? My humans got me something very nice recently…

Nubia: It may not look like much at the moment…

Nubia: … and hopefully my humans are better at DIY than I think they are BUT this will be my Maya temple! 😀

Nubia: Ah it looks like they actually have better skills at this than I thought they do. 😀

Nubia: Will you please hurry up and finish building this for me? 😮

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nubia: Now that’s better… but we need more light I don’t look regal enough on this. 😉

Nubia: Now this is better! All hail the Goddess Nubia!

Oliver: Someone sounds a bit full of herself today… *prr*

Nubia: How dare you! You are meant to warship me!

Oliver: You mean by jumping on top of your temple? 😀

Oliver: Hold on… where did she dissappear to o.O

Nubia: I’ve gone to the catputer to find the url for people to purchase a template for their own feline god / goddess! So to get one of the landmarks! Yes they’ve got others as well such as the Eiffel Tower, Kremlin and much much more!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

A Street Cat Named Bob the Movie!

Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here today! And I am here to show you what my humans got in the post the other day.

Oliver: It’s a movie about my dear friend A Street Cat Named Bob! 😀

Oliver: Do you guys think there will be a movie named after me one day? ;D

Oliver: When it first arrived it also came with an extra little box… I was very curious what was in there. 😮

Oliver: It was a lovely biscuit in the shape of Bob! Now if only this was a cat biscuit. *drools*

Oliver: The movie got pretty good rating on IMDB that website that humans use to check the rating of movies.

Oliver: So if you want to get a pawesome movie that’s based on a true story you should head out and get either the DVD or Bluray version of this set. 🙂

Oliver: And WHAT there are even limited editions with stuff for us cats…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oliver: I want the bowl please! 😀

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

A Pet Is Not Just For “Likes”


– Pet-lovers urged to “put love above likes” as it is revealed one in seven choose pets that would get more likes on social media  –

The UK is well documented as a nation of animal lovers, so it should come as no surprise that we have just as avid an interest in our furry friends on social media as we do in the real world. However, national pet charity Blue Cross is appealing for Britons to “put love above likes” today, after new research revealed that one in seven people (14%) would choose a specific breed of cat or dog based on the number of “likes” they think the pet will get on social media.

The research was conducted by Blue Cross to encourage pet owners and would-be pet owners to put love above social media ‘likes’ when choosing a pet and instead consider the unique and individual qualities of every pet, regardless of breed.

The tendency to think about potential “likes” when choosing a pet is arguably a consequence of the explosion of pet content online in the last few years and rising popularity of certain breeds like the French Bulldog and the Pug. The charity’s research also showed that over two thirds of Brits (67%) follow a feed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest that is “run by” or dedicated to a specific breed or animal, while 10% of us follow over 10 animal accounts.

Dribbles the cat strikes a pose to help pet charity Blue Cross launch its campaign to “put love above likes” and see every pet’s unique charms, as it is revealed one in seven Brits would choose a pet based on how many “likes” they think it might get online. The research was accompanied by a league table of the top most popular dog and cat breeds on Instagram. The charity has released photo tips to help pet owners capture their pet’s best side – these can be seen at

What’s more, the research suggests a direct connection between the quantity of pet images on social media and the breeds Britons choose to bring into their homes: one in six (12%) pet owners or would-be pet owners said that although they conducted thorough research into a certain breed before choosing their new pet, they were initially attracted to the breed because of images seen on social media.

As part of the research Blue Cross has also compiled a league table of the most Instagrammed cat and dog breeds today:  


1. Tabby (4.5m)

2. Maine Coon (4m)

3. Bengal (3.6m)

4. Siamese (3.5m)

5. Persian (2.4m)

6. Sphinx (3.3m)

7. Rag Doll (3.2m)

8. British Short (1.9m)

9. Birman (590k)

10.  Manx (210k)

11.  Himalayan (177k)

12.  Burmese (162k)

13.  Russian Blue (145k)

14.  Moggy (89k)

15.  British Blue (25k)



1. Pug (34.5m)

2. French Bulldog (24.4m)

3. Chihuahua (21.4m)

4. Bulldog (18.7m)

5. Husky (12.9m)

6. Boxer (15.5m)

7. Labrador (11.1m)

8. Beagle (11m)

9. Dachshund (10.97m)

10.  Shih Tzu (10.4m)

11.  Corgi (10.5m)

12.  Golden Retriever (10.7m)

13.  Poodle (9.4m)

14.  German Shepherd (9.3m)

15.  Pomeranian (8.4m)

The tables reveal a trend amongst dog lovers to focus on pedigree breeds on social media: there are just 159,603 uses of #mongrel and 735,035 uses of #mixbreed meaning they don’t feature anywhere near the top 15, compared to #tabby and #moggy which are prominent amongst Instagram cat posts.

Mandy Jones, Director of Rehoming from Blue Cross commented: “We certainly sympathise with anyone who loves taking photos of their pets or following cats and dogs on social media, but we wish we could get our homeless pets the same numbers of followers! We love every breed; be they pugs and bulldogs or mongrels and mixes. Choosing based on fashion can lead to heartache too; the current fashion for flat faced dogs is resulting in thousands of puppies being born who will have a lifetime of chronic health problems due to being unable to breathe comfortably.

Most importantly we believe every pet is unique and beautiful in its own way so we’d always encourage anyone thinking of getting a pet to consider a rescue and make a decision based on personality as well. Pets come in all shapes and sizes and are much better in real life than online. We hope that anyone who loves looking at pet profiles on social media, will take time to visit the dogs and cats on our website and maybe find a perfect new companion to rehome.”

In light of the research findings, Blue Cross is appealing to pet owners and would-be pet owners to champion the unique and individual qualities of every pet, regardless of breed or appearance. It takes in thousands of pets every year and each one is photographed for their rehoming page when they are ready to find new homes – so, to help make sure that all pets enjoy social media popularity, the charity is sharing some of its expert tips for capturing every pet’s best side, regardless of breed, age, size or temperament.



·       Get them used to the camera sound in advance – even phones make a “shutter” sound. Give them a treat every time the camera makes a noise so they associate the sound with something positive.

·       If you’re using a larger camera give them time to get used to your gear as well – lenses look like eyes, so may freak them out the first time they see a big old DSLR with straps hanging down and flashes stuck on top – particularly if you’re holding it up so it obscures your face while you take pictures.

·       Practise using your camera one-handed so you’re prepared when you need to capture that perfect shot – you’ll be able to use the other hand to hold a toy or treat to get your pet’s attention.

·       Be prepared – bring toys and their favourite treats. Cut larger treats into small chunks… you may need to use quite a few!


·       Photograph in short bursts – many pets will get bored and lose interest if you keep them too long

·       Don’t stick your camera in your pet’s face – though it’s fine for your pet to come to you: try taping a treat to the top of your camera to make it more inviting.


·       Great photography is not just about re-creating perfect portraits – some of the most interesting and charming pictures are ones that capture candid moments – if you’ve got a lazy see if you can capture a big yawn for example.

·       Make sounds to get their attention – nothing scary of course! But try making making a kissing noise, or click or whistle to capture that quizzical tilted head look.

·       Celebrate the thing that makes them unique! Old dog? Capture those distinguished greys. Big drooler? Bring along their favourite treat and let them know you’ve got it capture them licking their lips. Cross-eyed kitty? Capture them front on. Loves playing fetch? Get a friend on board and head to the park for some action shots.


·       Try shooting from the hip or get near the ground – you can even use a selfie stick to get unusual angles. Often, shots from the pet’s eye view are the most engaging.

·       Bring in some props – is your puppy or kitten really tiny? Accentuate that by having something in the picture like a football to accentuate scale, or perhaps get a friend to be a hand model.

·       Try getting close-ups of individual parts – a close up of an ear, long whiskers or tufted paw pads for example.


·       If you can focus on one particular feature of your pet, try playing around with that too. (“Proper” cameras will enable you to do this, but many smartphones also have a feature that lets you pinpoint an area to highlight.) And if in doubt – focus on the eyes.

Anyone looking for the full list of tips and advice can find them on the Blue Cross website at: – and can rehome one of the many different breeds and cross-breeds waiting for homes at Blue Cross at