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The Impact of Childhood Pets on Career Success in the UK: Survey Reveals Insights

A new survey by Jollyes reveals that childhood pets play a crucial role in career [...]

How to Avoid a Cat-astrophy This Holiday Season

Planning a vacation but worried about leaving your cat behind? Discover the best options for [...]

Isla Animals Rescue: Help Build a New Shelter and Save More Animals

Learn about Isla Animals Rescue, a dedicated organization that has been working tirelessly to protect [...]

The Benefits of Using ZenClipper for Easy and Safe Pet Nail Trimming

Are you struggling to trim your pet's nails at home? Discover a silent and easy-to-use [...]

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UK Cats Suffering in Silence with Undiagnosed Dental Disease

A staggering 85% of UK cats aged three and above battle dental disease in silence, [...]

Cat Puzzles: Christmas Kitties Matching Game

Hi everyone, Welcome to our regular feature of cat puzzles! You can print the below [...]

The Dangers of Chocolate for Pets During Christmas – PDSA Issues Warning

As the festive season approaches, vet charity PDSA warns pet owners about the dangers of [...]

7 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree

Keep your pets safe this Christmas by following these seven tips from Learn how [...]


SpoTICAt Club Cat Show – International Competition with 130+ Cats | December 9/10th 2023 | Coventry

Join us at the SpoTICAt Club's International Cat Competition on December 9/10th 2023 in Coventry. [...]

Furnishing Your Four-Wheel Drive for Your Furry Friends: How to Pet-Proof Your Car

From holidays away to quick trips to the vet, we are taking our pets into [...]

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Discover the Joy of 4cats Japan Limited Edition Cat Toys with Valerian and Catnip

Discover the innovative and premium 4cats Japan Limited Edition cat toys, designed to captivate and [...]


Balancing the Scales: How Veterinary Telemedicine Enhances Workload and Work-Life Balance without Competing with Traditional Practices

In recent years, the veterinary profession has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the advent of [...]

Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holiday Season: Tips and Precautions

Discover how to keep your pets safe during the holiday season! From choosing the right [...]

Protecting Your Pet from Antifreeze Poisoning and Other Hidden Dangers at Home

As we head towards colder months, pet owners need to be vigilant against hidden dangers [...]

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Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 474: Submit Your Cat Photos for a Chance to be Featured!

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Share your cat's adorable photos with us [...]

5 Ways to Increase the Life and Quality of Life for Your Senior Pet

November is Senior Pet Month, and pet experts at TrustedHousesitters have teamed up with veterinary [...]

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How to Keep Your Cat Happy in Winter

[Image source: Deposit photos] During winter, devoted cat owners might notice that their feline friends [...]


WSAVA Launches Second Edition of Essential Medicines List for Cats and Dogs

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has released the second edition of its Essential [...]

Whiskers Fatigue & Other Conditions and How to Prevent Them With Wide and Elevated Bowls

Have you ever heard of the term Whisker Fatigue? “In basic terms, whisker fatigue is [...]

Animal abandonments hit THREE YEAR HIGH as RSPCA warns of ‘winter crisis’

Animal abandonment incidents have soared to a shocking three year high as the RSPCA warns [...]

Deaf Cat Coco Receives Life-Saving Treatment at PDSA After Fox Attack

Coco, a deaf cat, was seriously injured by a fox and needed life-saving treatment at [...]


The Challenges of Rehoming Flat-Faced Cats: Health Issues and Public Awareness

Discover the difference between rehoming and buying a flat-faced cat, as the RSPCA sheds light [...]

WSAVA Appoints Chief Learning and Development Officer and New Chairs for Clinical Committees

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has announced new chairs for its clinical committees [...]

Join Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 473 and Submit Your Cat Photos for a Chance to be Featured on our Blog

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Send your cat photos to be featured [...]

Revealed: UK Households Spending over £600 to Keep Their Pets Warm When They’re at Work

With household heating costing hundreds of pounds in gas this winter, data has shown there [...]

Scottish Government’s Ban on Snares Welcomed by Cats Protection

Cats Protection praises the Scottish Government's proposed ban on snares, calling it a major step [...]


Pets Boost Remote Workers’ Mental and Physical Health: Survey Reveals Benefits and Impact

Pets have a significant positive impact on the mental and physical health of remote workers, [...]

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Help Save Isla Animals: Support Their New Shelter and Rescue Efforts

Discover the heartbreaking story of Isla Animals Rescue, evicted from their shelter and in need [...]

Mango the Cat: From Illness to a Happy Life

Read the inspiring story of Mango, a cat who overcame a fatal disease. From being [...]


Getting to know your cat: An Introduction to Feline Behaviour

Discover how well you truly know your feline companion with this SEO-optimized course. Uncover the [...]