Lola the Cuddle-Puss

Lola the Cuddle-PussLola can be quite a fickle creature. Sometimes she’s wild and aloof. She’ll run around like a crazy thing, yelling at the top of her voice. Often at these times her tail is puffed up like some kind of black squirrel and she develops an odd mohawk along her lower back.

Other times she is the soppiest, cuddliest creature you’ve ever met. If one of us is lazying on the bed she’ll jump up onto our tummies, pad for a good while, and then settled down. Given the choice she’d stay there for hours!

She doesn’t usually jump up on our laps when we’re sitting on our computer chairs. (Perhaps she would if we were sitting on a sofa, but we don’t have one!) But she will come into laps if we sit on the floor near her when she’s in a sweet mood. And again would gladly stay for hours, if only it was practical for us humans to let her.

Lola the Cuddle-Puss 2I suppose in a way she’s sometimes cuddly even when not cuddling, if that makes any sense. Her favourite places to sleep tend to be the places that are close to us – the top of husband’s computer, the Princess Pod – so I guess you could consider that non-contact cuddling! Okay sure, that’s a thing I just made up. But it makes sense to me at least!


Lady Joyful

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21 thoughts on “Lola the Cuddle-Puss

  1. Oliana says:

    What a beautiful cat!! My Bette cuddles only by being near me and she in next to me everywhere I go…table next to my laptop, special bench for her next to my arm chair and in my bed next. My male cats would cuddle closer but I guess she doesn’t want me to mess up her mane:) Beautiful post!

  2. franhunne4u says:

    I can perfectly understand where you are getting at with “non-contact cuddling” – it is what my Tom usually does, either so close he IS touching my leg, or close enough for the odd cuddle from me. If he wants to stay near but not too near he retreats under the cover that I have thrown over the couch to safe it from cat hairs *hahaha*. The I know better than to go and cuddle him, though sometimes I pet the bulge, too. Just so that he knows I think of him and love him.

    • Lady Joyful says:

      What a sweetheart! Yes, non-contact cuddling does seem a good choice for those cats that are sometimes touch averse. Close proximity can show love without having to be too touchy-touchy. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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