It is our believe that one must be a pet lover in order to succeed doing PR Services for the Pet Industry and this is why we’ve decided to launch our own Pet PR services for 2019!

Our team of pet lovers already has years of experience in the Pet Industry through various channels and has built up a great network of personal contacts. Additionally we have a professional background in Communication & Marketing and access to the worlds top Journalist & Influencer Database. Combining these skills and resources enables us to provide you the best possible PR Service.

Pricing will depend hugely on your requirements and can be as little as £100 including VAT per month for simple send-outs.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Quality Media Relations (Outreach to both Journalists and Influencers)
  • Brand Development & Branding (We have in-house graphic designers that will be able to take on your bespoke requirements)
  • Content Creation (Including Blog Posts, Research Studies, Cartoons & Infographics)
  • Online Strategic Campaigning
  • Digital Pet PR & Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing Services and Networking
  • Creative Direction
  • Blogger & Influencer Identification & Engagement
  • Corporate Identity
  • Event Concept & Management
  • Press Events
  • Creative Sponsorship

So why not get in touch today with our team to discuss your purrsonal requirements and our team will provide you with suggestions and quotes.

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