Two Red Cats 7 – Meatballs with garlic

Have you ever smelled the breath of a cat that ate garlic? We did it. And it is terrible.

Also, remember that garlic will not only give your cats a very smelly breath, but it’s also toxic for felines! They tried meatballs with garlic only because the amount of the toxic ingredient was really low and just one time.  You know, not all the experiments go well and some are smellier than others.

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16 thoughts on “Two Red Cats 7 – Meatballs with garlic

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  2. helentastic67 says:

    I only have a little Italian blood but I am prone to say , I am the worst wog ever! Because I do not understand garlic or chilli………so Jamima will be safe from meatballs and garlic. Cheers,H

    • FuriaAndMimma says:

      Well, we use a LOT of garlic (and chilli), just not for cat food XD (Yeah, we’re pureblood Italians…)
      Thanks for the comment!

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