Our team is very grateful to be working closely with our friends and partners. Without their help Katzenworld wouldn’t be what it is today! Be it through sharing resources, collaborating on events or receiving top content for our website all of our friends and partners have made important contributions to our community. 🙂

We would very much appreciate if you can visit our Friends and Partners who help make us who we are!

Furthermore don’t forget to also check-out our Sponsors that support us financially in order to continue to provide free content and competitions to our readers.

International Cat Care

Our main charity partner of choice is International Cat Care, a UK based charitycommitted to enhancing cat welfare on an international scale. iCatCare have worked for over 50 years to enhance the lives of cats – whether feral or domesticated, UK or overseas. Formerly known as the Feline Advisory Bureau, iCatCare have been raising the standard of treatment and care provided to cats by veterinary surgeons, boarding cattery operators, those involved in rescue work, breeders and, of course, cat owners by providing the best information possible.


ProtectaPet is established as the UK’s leading supplier of cat containment products including cat fencing, cat enclosures and catios. The company’s success has been based on a passionate commitment to intuitive design for pet owners, high specification UK engineering, intelligent innovation and outstanding service. We share ProtectaPet’s vision of feline welfare and often post tips and advice for indoor and outdoor cats from them. Follow this link to ProtectaPet’s online shop to find out more.




Almo Nature

Almo Nature, does things differently, keeping in mind the true nature of dogs and cats, and the environment they live in. Their pet food is produced with natural ingredients, that returns 100% of its profits to cats, dogs and biodiversity through the projects of the Fondazione Capellino.

Founded in 2000 thanks to the intuition and experience of Pier Giovanni Capellino, a long-time entrepreneur in the field, Almo Nature was the first company in the world to introduce cat and dog food made with %100 HFC ingredients, that is, originally intended for human consumption according to Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 Article 10 (a).  And they have continued to set new industry standard with their range of innovative products made using only premium quality ingredients.

Their growth goes hand in hand with the development of projects supporting cats and dogs in need and defending biodiversity and in 2018 they took this to the new next level as Almo Nature was donated to the Fondazione Capellino this year!

This means that Almo Nature will be fully owned by the foundation making the brand truly owned by the animals. All net profits from the 1st of January 2018 and those generated moving forwarded will be donated to the foundation which sole purpose is to safeguard biodiversity and protecting dogs and cats around the world.

The foundation will continue the animal protection and conservation activities already in place as part of Almo Nature’s aLmore initiatives and will add more to these! To find out more about the Fondazione Capellino visit the dedicated foundation section on the Almo Nature website.

Katzenworld is delighted to be working more closely with both Almo Nature and the foundation in order to promote these welfare projects as well as the Almo Nature products.

Completely Cats

Completely Cats is the creation of Beth Haslam and Zoe Marr – two passionate cat fans who decided to use their writing, editing and publishing skills to help cats. Their latest anthology of cat stories – ‘Completely Cats – stories with Cattitude’ topped the Amazon charts – and 20% of profits will be donated to our charity partner International Cat Care. We are enormously grateful for their generous support of our partner charity. Click here to find out more and to purchase the book.





A Purrtato Tail

Comedic and filled with character and cats, A Purrtato Tail places the player in the paws of Queen Pixel – leader of the potato cats. Whiskered whispers speak about a race of mysterious bioluminescent creatures whom thrive in the dark, appearing across the Isle of Moar. The existence of the Nightshades proves to be real when they burst forth from the shadows, igniting their secret plan by kidnapping Queen Pixel’s most trusted adviser – the Elderstar. The Queen of Purrtatoes must now venture into the world, navigating treacherous pits by collecting characters, connecting them together to form bridges and ledges. She must solve puzzles within the world itself by utilizing the unique abilities of each character, fight Nightshades with her sharpened claws, and discover the foul secret of the Nightshades’ dark plan.

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