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Northumberland teenager crowned winner of RSPCA People’s Choice award

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New UK Law Bans Import of Declawed Cats and Tightens Welfare Rules

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Born Free Research Reveals Alarming Extent of Dangerous Wild Animal Ownership in UK

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Enter Your Cat into the National Cat Awards 2024: Time is Running Out!

Enter your extraordinary cat into the National Cat Awards by Cats Protection before March 26. [...]

RSPCA Appeals for Witnesses After Cat Abandoned in Essex Garden

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RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2024 People’s Choice Voting Open Now

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Leading cat charity appoints new director

Cats Protection has appointed a new Advocacy and Influence Director as the charity continues to [...]

Abandoned Cat Family Found at Bus Stop: RSPCA Seeks Help

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Why Cats Shouldn’t Be Washed Unnecessarily: Animal Charity’s Warning and Tips

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Mayhew Unveils Oli Juste Wing in North West London

Celebrities and animal welfare supporters gathered at Mayhew to unveil the Oli Juste Wing, made [...]

World Hearing Day: Understanding Pet Ear Problems and Deafness

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The Importance of Neutering Cats on World Spay Day 2024: Myth-Busting and Health Benefits Explained

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Volunteer Foster Carers Needed to Help Rescue Cats and Kittens | RSPCA Lancashire East

The RSPCA Lancashire East Branch is searching for dedicated foster carers to provide temporary accommodation [...]

Cats Protection Expresses Concern Over Recent Film ‘Argylle’ Due to Scottish Fold Cat’s Health and Welfare Issues

Cats Protection and other animal organizations express concern over upcoming film Argylle's portrayal of Scottish [...]

Battersea and iCatCare Collaborate to Improve Cat Welfare Worldwide

Battersea celebrates its 140th anniversary by collaborating with iCatCare to improve the welfare of cats worldwide [...]

Heartbroken cats have been waiting 124 days to find love

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