Secret Lives Of Street Cats In Riga

There are a lot of cats living on the street all over the world. And, one of the European city, Riga is not an exception. There are hundreds of feral cats. One of the local cat care non-profit organization decided to show the world street cats who deserve our love, care and attention.

Cat Care Community has spent the last year making the photos and helping street cats find real loving home. Photographing cats has been the main key to bringing the world that each of the cat has a story to tell.

Many people argue about that street cats are not safe for humanity, but there are different Trap-Neuter-Return programs, that works great and helps to control population and health problems of street cats. What do you think about street cats?

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Amsterdam cat café Kopjes

Dear fellow cat lovers,

If you’re ever in Amsterdam, do yourselves a favour and stop by our (currently) one and only cat café: Kopjes.

I went here a few weeks ago with a good friend and fellow cat lover, and we had a really enjoyable afternoon in this cosy little café, with cat-themed art, books and games.

And of course the main attractions: the cats themselves!


Kopjes was launched after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and houses 8 cats picked from two different shelters in Amsterdam. The cats have everything they need or could ever want in the café , including lots of things to climb on, play with, sleep on/in and a private area if they want some alone time.

It’s a small space, so you’ll have to book in advance. It also has a very nice, mellow atmosphere and is just a good place to chill for a few hours and take a break from city life. And interact with some cats, of course! It’s a bit on the outskirts of the city, but totally walkable in good weather and decent shoes. And I always find that part of the charm of Amsterdam is just walking around looking at the people, houses, canals and of course bikes. But you can also get a bus or tram to a nearby stop from Amsterdam Centraal.

My friend and I didn’t actually get to pet any cats, which is probably because we were too engrossed in our conversation, and because I unwisely chose to seat us at a table rather than in a sofa. We saw a lady in one of the sofas with a cat in her lap. And we both really enjoyed our visit and will certainly come here again. For cats and for cake!  I had a seriously mouthwatering, dense, chocolatey salted caramel brownie, and my friend had a delicious red velvet cake.

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They also serve bread with cheese and some other toppings if you should require something more substantial. And of course nice tea and coffee and hot chocolate.

Tot zo, Kopjes!

About the author:

Sarah lives in the Netherlands with one man and three cats (MissChief, Spike and Whisky). She writes about cats, food, books and life as a highly sensitive person, amongst other things.

A look at Denver Cat Company with Arcane Adventures *Incl. Video*

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a guest post by Adam from Arcane Adventures for you:

Denver Cat Company is not just the cat café we want, it’s the cat café we need! The interior of the shop has a diverse collection of cat inspired paintings and memorabilia. And speaking of cats, Denver Cat Co. has about 12-15 cats running around at any given time, more than enough to satisfy the customers. The café is very lounge-like with a wide array of seating choices ranging from metal chairs and fairly normal couches to bean bag chairs and oddly shaped love seats.

Not only were the cats super cute and fun to play with but when speaking to the owner, I realized that Denver Cat Company rescues these cats from shelters, feeds them and is responsible for nearly 200 cat adoptions since opening. That, to me, is the main reason potential customers should stop in, grab a cup of coffee and support the café and other cafés like it.

About the author,:

Adam Miguest is a Chicago native and has a BA in International Studies and Linguistics from the University of Illinois. He speaks 9 languages, has been to 30+ countries and continues to travel indefinitely with the goal of finding the coolest and most unique people and places the world has to offer.