Oliver & Nubia: What have you got there for us?

Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here today with a quick update from Katzenworld HQ!

Nubia: Oi! I should be leading the intro to this post… I was there first

Oliver: What in the flat? No… I was the first cat here…

Nubia: Anyhow! This post is a bit overdue as this was actually one of our Christmas presents but when who says that you can’t have Christmas in July? 😉


Nubia: Silly brother… not in the house… at the boxes! I was the first tone to see them. 😀


Nubia: I even tried to open them for us!


Oliver: You look rather unsuccessful with the opening of the box on that photo…

Nubia: Well… You could lend me a paw or too you know. ;o


Nubia: Eventually the humans opened the boxes for us and oh boy they were full with pressies. 😀


Nubia: I mean look at this! Food, crunches, toys. ALL a cat would ever want right? Oh and of course! A BOX!


Nubia: Needless to say… once it was unpacked WHO showed up?

Oliver: ME 😀 It’s all about a timely entrance!

Oliver: Oh what should I take with me to my cat cave?

Nubia: Excuse me… It’s meant to be ladies first!


Oliver: Really? What if I look adorable into the camera? Can I have it all?


Nubia: The answer to that is: NO! Because I have spotted my favourite!


Nubia: Pet Munchies. 😀 These shall be mine, though I might share some of these with you if you are nice to me…

Oliver: Fine, fine… I wouldn’t want to get onto your bad side. 😉

Nubia: At this point we would like say thank you so much to Pets Pyjamas who didn’t just send us one but two of these boxes! And just as well as you can tell how GOOD we are sharing right? 😉

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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We won a competition – Now open this box already!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here. Some of you remember our post a while ago about the latest range of Purina cat food? The cat soup that my brother keeps trying to hide and steal from me…

Well as part of our post our humans also submitted us to a Purina competition and guess who won! US D:

I’m sure it’s all down to pretty little me of course. 😉


Nubia: Who could resist a face like me? 😉

Oliver: A little full of yourself we are today no?


Oliver: But how do we get in here?


Nubia: There is no entrance on the back either… 🙁

Oliver: Humans! We need thumbs. 😀


Oliver: Look at all these goodies! 😀


Oliver: Those toys smell good. But why does it say OLIVER & NUBIA on the bowl???

Nubia: Hint! You are meant to share with me. 😀

Oliver: Not the s word again lol. 🙁

Oliver: Anyhow… Big thank you to Purina and Archie for sending us this prize. 😀

Nubia: Since it was such a large Hamper we even shared it with our little cosines Zelda & Toffee in Germany! Did you know that both of them are part Persian so I guess they are related to Archie?

Oliver: What… well.. I am more royal than them to! 😮

Nubia: Some of you may also remember that Zelda LOVES Gourmet food. So we gave her some of the pate. 🙂

Oliver: You shared my food???

Nubia: Oli… You’ve got a whole cupboard full of stuff and last time we went to the vet he said you need to cut back… 😉

Oliver: Fine fine… Sharing is Caring right? 😮

Nubia: Indeed! And that’s it from us for the day. But don’t forget to sign-up to our Newsletter here. D:

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

Oliver blast from the past: Oh to buy the world!

Hello there everyone,

Don’t tell my humans but I managed to find a way to BUY EVERYTHING I want!!!!


Look I found their credit card!!!!! harhar

Time to buy my wish list:

  • MacClaw giant cat wheel! Like the one at Lady Dinah’s 🙂
  • A replacement three way tunnel because this one here my sister and me have almost destroyed it by now XD
  • More cat food!!!! Because you know we can never have enough cat food right…


Right now let’s check out that no one has seen me… Oh no! I have been spotted and captured on camera. WAAAAAH it wasn’t me it was Nubia!!!!! I swear! *hides*

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Oliver & Nubia: Another box of purple worms arrives!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today and look! Another box filled with those tasty and fun little purple worms has arrived.


Nubia: Now come on humans… open this up for me! 😀


Nubia: To my human, Oliver and ME. But why did we have to have Oliver mentioned in there… he is always up to no good!


Nubia: This was actually the summer box from last year but silly brother hid this post somewhere in our archive so there will soon be another summer box post! 😮


Nubia: What’s that!!!! That looks like a CAT TOY! 😮


Nubia: *Claws at purple worms* What else is in here…


Nubia: There must be something else in here… I can smell it!


Nubia: CATNIP lip balm??? I may just have to eat my humans if they use that… 😮 Or maybe I should settle for the encore instead!


Nubia: That looks cute… what is it? A luggage tag?!? 😀


Nubia: Look at all those goodies! The human + kitty add-on boxes contain a mix of stuff for the crazy cat lady and always come with a few things for us! 😀

Oliver: What’s happening over here…


Oliver: Let’s see what’s in there for ME! 😀

Oliver: ALL MINE!!!!


Nubia: But Oliver… I was here first! PLUS there is a lot of stuff there for the humans you don’t want to steal their stuff… or they may not order your favourite crunchies. ;o


Nubia: Right… I am exhausted now after all of this. 😮 But before I go don’t forget to head over to MyPurrfectGiftBox to check out their pawesome boxes! 😀

Nubia: See you all later!

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Oliver & Nubia: Cooling mats just for dogs? Us cats disagree!

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite Tuxedo here today. ; )

Oliver: So you are probably wondering what I am sitting on? Well… let’s take a closer look. 😀

Oliver: This is a genious invention for the hot and sweaty summer days. 😀

Nubia: But it says it’s for dogs…

Oliver: So what?!? It keeps me cool!

Nubia: I think you look rather hilarious on the blue mat. 😉

Oliver: Stop making fun and give it a try… you’ll see what I mean.

Nubia: Hmmmm…. It’s kinda squishy…

Oliver: You need to sit on it for longer just wait…

Nubia: Yes? It’s still squishy. 😮

Oliver: A little longer yet… don’t make me push you off and take it off you!!!

Nubia: It’s kind of… cool. Oh my gosh… it’s super cool. I feel so relaxed now! :O

Oliver: See didn’t I tell you. Now if I may please get it back…

Nubia: NO chance… I’ve been sweating all week!!! This is mine now. 😮

Oliver: Right I guess I better get our servants to order another one of the Aquamat chillers. 🙁

Nubia: YES you should because this is now MINE.

Oliver: I still don’t know why they are marketed just for dogs… it’s just as good for us cats! 😀

Oliver: And best of all these don’t need to be put in the fridge. They simply work through our pressure on the pad with it’s gel inside. And they come in a variety of sizes:

XS – 30 x 40 cms

S – 40 x 50 cms

M – 50 x 65 cms

L – 50 x 90 cms

Nubia: zzzZzzz…. SNORE

Oliver: Sounds like my sister finally managed to get some sleep. She has been struggling with that because of the heatwave here!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

Oliver: Chilling away from the heat!

Is it hot and muggy at your place too?


I decided the best course of action for me is too hide downstairs with the shoes…

So cool and perfect to relax. <3

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Oliver & Nubia: What’s in there for us?!?

Hi everyone,

How is everyone today? It’s Oliver here today! We’ve had another cool parcel arrive from Japan a while back. 😀

Of course my silly sister had to stick her head right into the box…


Nubia: WHAT? You’d do the same!!! Only because I was here first?


Nubia: Look… Colourful things! And little worms. 😮


Oliver: Is that a birdy? Can I have it?


Oliver: I want the pink one. 😀


Oliver: SO apart from the packaging… What is in there for us?!?


Oliver: *Sniff sniff* YUCK! Japanese lemon o.o’! Not that one… Us cats don’t like Citrus stuff…


Oliver: That looks interesting…


Oliver: It’s got sushi on it!


Oliver: Gimme the sushi. <3

Nubia: Not edible…


Oliver: How about this one?!?

Nubia: No…


Oliver: But it smells nice!

Nubia: Gosh do you only think with your tummy?!?


Oliver: Ok… I really don’t know what this is o.o! Can you guys guess what it is?!?

Nubia: Either way our humans really liked their presents from Japan. 🙂

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace