Oliver & Nubia: Cat versus String – Who shall win?

Hi everyone,

It’s me Nubia here today! And as you can see… I am trying to defeat this new toy… well I call it torture device but the humans seem to think it’s a toy…


Nubia: At first I thought it was a lot of fun!


Nubia: A toy that dispenses my FAVOURITE… STRINGS! 😀 It was like heaven!


Nubia: However… quickly I realised… that actually it was some kind of new torture device!


Nubia: Whenever I saw the string…


Nubia: … and managed to catch it!


Nubia: I pulled and pulled only…


Nubia: … to be hugely annoyed by it pulling back inside! And such a small crevice it was too… how am I meant to put my paw in there?!?


Nubia: I clawed, I huffed, I puffed!

Nubia: I even tried to pull my WHOLE weight into it… The torture device even momentarily halted it’s evil process of taking the string away… but in the end… it was stronger. *hiss*

Oliver: I think my sister is being a bit melodramatic there wouldn’t you agree?

Nubia: No I am not!!! It’s a mean toy.

Oliver: What she really means is that she is having LOADS of fun and even better she might exercise her lazy bum a bit. D:

Nubia: Hold on a second! Did you call me fat?!?

Oliver: Maybe… Anyway… while sister is having a tantrum why don’t you head over to the Petsafe® website to get one of these FroliCat® FLIK™ Automatic Cat Teaser (UK) or (US)? I am sure you’ll have loads of fun with FroliCat® FLIK™! 😀 Might even annoy a sibling or two *evil cat laugh*

Nubia: That’s it… I shall chase my brother through the entire house for the rest of the day! *roars*

Oliver: Ah excellent MORE exercise for you! 😮

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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Oliver : Caption this!

So we obviously tried to capture more than his nose… but it was such a funny picture that we are going to ask you all to caption it!


Oliver: My new favourite place in the whole wide world

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite Tuxedo cat in the world! ; )

Oliver: So you are wondering why I look so comfy on this red blanket? 😀

Oliver: Well… there is something hidden underneath… something that makes this blanket 10 thousand times better than before…

Oliver: Yes! It’s a purrfect pet remedy heat pad which is keeping me nice and warm. 🙂

Nubia: Silly brother used to sleep on the humans black box… PlayStation I think it’s called… Completely contorting himself…

Oliver: Indeed! Those times are gone thanks to this heatpad. 😀

Oliver: I might even head butt and allow cuddles by the humans while on this. 😉

Oliver: Just not too much…. Or…. it’s LEGS time!!!!

Nubia: If you don’t behave I’ll have your heated bed. :O

Oliver: What! NO!!!!!! I’ll be nice. <3

Oliver: See I am behaving… just don’t take this away from me. 😮

Nubia: But Oli… it’s almost summer?!?

Oliver: So?!? We cats like it WARM all year around… YOU should know that being a cat too… 😛

Nubia: Well… if you’d let me on the blanket… and join you…

Oliver: NO WAY!!! This is MINE.

Nubia: Pffft…. I’ll get the humans to get me my own.

Oliver: Anyway this is the purrfect pet safe heated pad and it’s not just good for heat addicted cats like me but especially great for mother cats, the elderly and of course breads such as sphynx and oriental that like it warm anyway. 😀

Nubia: It even comes with a handy car adapter should you want to take it out for a journey with one of us.

Oliver: To get your paws on one of the pawesome heat pads head over to the Pet Remedy website and as my sister pointed out should you want to use it for a car journey don’t forget to grab an extra car adapter. 😀

Further product Details:

  • With 12v AC electronic adaptor plug
  • BSAVA  approved and recommended
  • Gently brings body mass temperature up to around 39 degs C
  • Maintains optimum temperature
  • 42cm x 38cm x (16.5” x 15”)
  • Ideal for all mammals young or old
  • Only 15 watts so cheap to run
  • Safe to leave on constantly
  • With 2 integral thermostats for extra safety
  • Protective sheath on cable to prevent chewing
  • Wipe-able pad
  • Suitable for use in pet bed, whelping and carry baskets
  • Cable can be disconnected to feed through basket
  • Generous 2.7m of cable

Nubia: We’ve tested it for the last few months and Oliver certainly has slept on it All night and even between meals!!!!

Oliver: Are you trying to say I am lazy?!? 🙁

Nubia: Possibly… But certainly the purrfect tester for this product! 😮

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

Oliver: So you’ve managed to find me?

Hi everyone,

It took me a while but I managed to eventually get my sister OFF my Finley & Farquhar pet duvet… If you happen to have missed her deciding to invade my favourite place in the whole wide world you can find this here.

Oliver: This particular version of the pet duvet makes a perfect little pocket… Just the right size for little m to slip in and hide almost entirely unnoticed. 😀


Oliver: Most of the times all you can see are my pinky paws… Wouldn’t want to get too warm in there so keeping them out for some heat circulation. ;o


Oliver: What? You’ve come again… and I can smell…


Oliver: TREATS! Time to come out for a bit! 😀

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Oliver & Nubia: A small small step for a cat, one giant leap for felines across the world

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today and we’ve sure got a story to tell you! Were you able to guess from our feature image what it is?!? No? Well don’t worry all shall become clear!

Nubia: So when this arrived I really thought our humans were going to send us off to space…

Nubia: Or that it is some kind of teleporter! 😀

Oliver: But it was far far better than that…

Nubia: Indeed! It was an automatic self cleaning toilet called the Litter-Robot III Open Air so that I would never ever have to step on my brothers smelly poop ever again!

Oliver: What are you trying to imply…

Nubia: Our humans set this up in the kitchen and we’ve been trialling it for the last 6 months to make sure that it truly works before we show it to you all!

Oliver: And it certainly does… it’s nice and big but not too big for me to feel scared.

Nubia: Best of all the ledge stops most tracking of stuff that my brother might carry into the living room over wise… LOL

Nubia: As you can see Oli went for his business… and as usual… didn’t cover up his poop…

Oliver: Hey now!!! You didn’t have to show them this!

Nubia: Yes I did. Because an important aspect of this is that especially in multi cat households it makes it much more comfortable for the other cats as they won’t have to step into the previous cats’ mess…

Oliver: Fine… fine… 🙁

Nubia: It was very easy to assemble when it first arrived. Even though I am not sure if our servants had quite the right idea. ;o

Oliver: Oh and did we mention the controls?

Oliver: It’s got a handy indicator to alert you if it’s full or if there is any problem! And emptying it for occasional deep clean is easy with the empty button. 😀

Nubia: My personal favourite is the night light…

Nubia: Yes in the dark it’ll light up blue to make it easier for me to find the loo. 😀

Oliver: Both of us give this four paws up! And our humans say it’s worth a high five to the developers whatever that means because they’ve got no five hands?

Nubia: If you’d like to get your own the US version can be bought here and the EU version here.

Oliver: While the litter robot may seem expensive at first glance our humans think it’s well worth the investment for multiple factors:

  • Convenience – no longer do they have to scoop multiple times a day!
  • Peace in multi cat households – Other cats don’t get annoyed over the mess of the first cat
  • Reduction of litter boxes – We now have this one and a backup tray instead of three trays and 99% of the time we use our litter robot
  • Save money on litter – Let’s face it the robot is much more efficient at removing clumps than humans will ever be! They are after all a bit clumsy… Our humans think that we use about a third less to half less litter with the robot depending on which litter we use and how well it clumps.

Nubia: Before we go here a little video from the manufacturer:

Oliver: We hope you enjoyed our review and that you’ll be back for more soon!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

Nubia: Food oh glorious Food!

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend?

Nubia: My week was wonderful! As you can see I got a present and it looks like it might contain food… But why do humans always take so long to open it. 😮

Nubia: So I was right… It’s a bag of food. 😀

Nubia: But why is it still sealed!!! Humans!!!

Nubia: Right… a bowl but what’s wrong with it… so difficult to find decent servants nowadays. ;(

Nubia: At last! 😀

Nubia: Right… This was amazing. 🙂

Nubia: Now the big question is… should I have some more? ;o

Nubia: Yes… it was so lip smacking delicious I need to go for seconds. 😀

This was part of IAMS new Naturally range which is low in carbs and high in protein.

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

US Giveaway: Win a BendiBrush!

Hi everyone,

We are back with some great news! Remember the brush that Oliver & Nubia trialled a few weeks back?

Yep this one! 🙂

Well we are back with a giveaway for one lucky reader in the US to win one of these fantastic brushes. 😀

So how can you win one? That’s super easy! To be in it for a chance to win this brush simply enter by clicking here and complete any of the actions below!

Chances can be gained by the following methods:
1. Check out the anipure Facebook page and confirm this via the giveaway tool – 10 Entries
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3. Sign up for our new newsletter via mail chimp – 3 Entries
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6. Make a comment stating you would like to enter and your email address on this post (for those that don’t use social media) – 2 Entries

So if you want to make your cat as happy as Nubia don’t forget to click here to enter today! Entries are accepted until the 31st of May. 🙂