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Welcome to the Renewed Competition Hall of Fame. This is where we will be honouring all previous winners of our various competitions moving forward.

If you’ve reached this page via one of our announcement emails you may also wish to check out our blogs other posts!

February 2019 Winners:

Londoncats tickets and toys: Alix H.

January 2019 Winners:

Catfest tickets and toys: Kathryn A. & Katie G.

November 2018 Winners:

4cats giveaway – Rachel L, Rachel M and Maggie S (you will receive indidivual emails shortly.)

Cat socks giveaway: Nicky, Alica, Zuzane, Catherine, Sue, Valerie, John, Patrick, Jenna (you will receive individual emails shortly!)

October 2018 Winners:

Adrian B. , Anna C., Sarah D. P. won our National Pet Show tickets

August 2018 Winners:

Melissa L. won our August Cardology giveaway

Kim R. won our July / going into August card giveaway:

Corrine G. won our 4cats giveaway:

July 2018 Winners

Amber C. won our latest giveaway with 4cats!

June 2018 Winners

Joyce W. won our StarTrek cats giveaway!

May 2018 Winners

Claire B won our 4cats toys giveaway

April 2018 Winners

Trisha won our 4cats toys giveaway

March 2018 Winners

Catherine L. won our March 4cats toys giveaway

Christine T. won our Cheshire & Wain giveaway

February 2018 Winners

Lia won in our Cat Tote Bag competition

January 2018 Winners

Rasma won our 4cats giveaway!

Carole, Cheryl and Danny each one a copy of The Cat Mojo book!

December 2017 Winners

Laura T. won our The Cat of Yule Cottage giveaway!

Rebecca A. won our second HiLife cat Hamper package!

Mary T. won our 4cats giveaway. 🙂

November 2017 Winners

David H. won our PetSafe Cat Flap giveaway!

Crystal was our winner for the Trainable Cat Book! 🙂

Stuart E. was the winner of the songmics scratch tree.

Christine C. was the winner for our first cat food hamper by HiLife

October 2017 Winners

The following people all won tickets in our National Pet Show tickets giveaway:
Claire L.
Emma W.
Richard T
Joy O.
Norma S
Shane W.
Afzan M.
Debbie P.
Amy B.

Your name is on the list? If you’ve not replied to our personal email yet please check your junk mail and let us know your address!

If you didn’t make it don’t worry as you can still bag yourself tickets with a 20% discount using katzenworld during checkout here.

September 2017 Winners

Rebecca won our 4cats giveaway. 🙂

August 2017 Winners

Linda won our 4cats giveaway

Anita & Rose won our book giveaway

Juli 2017 Winners

Anita won our 4cats giveaway

June 2017 Winners

Alexis won our 4cats giveaway!

May 2017 Winners

Pusheen – Mary

April 2017 Winners

Bendibrush – Daisy Mae

March 2017 Winners:

4Cats toys – Rose Smith

February 2017 Winners:

Pusheen Part 2 – Louise
4Cats toys – Charlie B.

January 2017 Winners:

Pusheen Calendar & Pen – Danielle V. & Julie C.
The Cat of Yule Cottage book – Clare B.

December 2016 Winners:

Cat Christmas Cards – Alix H., Alexa S., Anthony H., Cora H., Clare Y. & Rebecca H.
Bionic Basil – Mary T.

November 2016 Winners:

Lucky Cat giveaway – Christine
Links of London Cat Charm
– Fiona
Cat Bingo – Rachel from Three Chatty Cats
Moccis, Miss Mjuao – Linda

October 2016 Winners:

National Pet Show Birmingham – Stephanie, Corrine, Sam, Thomas and Carlo
Catit fountain, Angel’s birthday present – Tracy
Helenka Cat pendent – Diana
Purrfect box – Adele
Close Encounters of the Furred kind – Lillian & Cayla
Adorable Animal Stories to Brighten Your Day – Debbie, Olivia, Rebecca, Ute and Kathy

September 2016 Winners:

Manchester Pet Show Family Tickets – Alan W.
They All Saw a Cat Books – Robin
Pets Rocks Books – Fi, Tracy, Vicky, Sandra and Jane

August 2016 Winners:

PooPooPeeDoo by SinDesign – Kris
U-Studio Cat Card – Candice

July 2016 Winners: 

How to take Beautiful pictures of your cat book – Yvonne & Tracy

June 2016 Winners:

Cattitude Book – Lindsey C. & Annette Rochelle Aben
De Rosa Cat Figurines – Fiona Hall was the lucky winner of this

July 2014 Winners:

Fiona – A very lucky rescue cat who lives with her human mum Mimi.

Boomer – Another lucky cat who lives with his loving mum Barb!

August 2014 – July 2015 Winners:

Little Binky – One of our cats in boxes photo competition winners

Spikey – The second one of our cats in boxes photo competition winners

Baldrick – The third and last of our  cats in boxes photo competition winners. Coming soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events + competitions, and your cat might be the next to appear here. 😀

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      Hi Katherine,

      We will be choosing the best submissions and our Blogger comittee will vote on them.

      In our next campaign we will have a look at actually putting them up on a poll! 🙂

      Have you already submitted your cat btw?


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