Worldwide Giveaway: The Cat of Yule Cottage

The Cat of Yule Cottage – A magical tale of land, love, friendship, the Yuletide

Hi everyone,

With christmas just around the corner we’ve once again teamed up with Lili Hayward for a giveaway of her book The Cat of Yule Cottage!

Entering the giveaway is super easy all you have to do is complete one of the following actions through our giveaway tool:

Entries are accepted until the 19th of December!

About the author:
Lili Hayward is a writer from the south west of England with a love for all things hidden, lost and historical. She lives with her partner in the Westcountry and keeps the company of two beautiful and opinionated ex-stray cats. You can find her on twitter @lilihayward. 


She is the author of The Cat of Yule Cottage: a magical tale of land, love, friendship, the Yuletide… and one remarkable cat.











For those that would like to get a copy of the book before Christmas  The Cat of Yule Cottage is published by Hodder. The paperback is available in bookshops for £7.99 and the ebook is currently on sale for only £0.99p!

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34 thoughts on “Worldwide Giveaway: The Cat of Yule Cottage

  1. Diavolo just doesn’t understand why I used my name in the entry instead of his. I did explain that I will probably have to read the book aloud to him (and hopefully Sunshine) that it was best to use my name.
    Happy Holidays to everyone.

  2. Hey marc, I wanted to refer my friends by e-mail, LinkedIn and WordPress. Yes even Mention it on the Katzenworld Forum, Bloglovin’ and the Daily Kitten but I don’t have this option to do this and gain entries. I only have the the options of Facebook, Tweet and Google+. I think it’s to bad you didn’t have more options to gain entries.
    I really want to win this book.

    1. Hey Crystal. This was a last minute giveaway we arranged so we quickly set it up with as many entries as possible. Apologies.

          1. No twitter account or Facebook account. I bet you thought everyone had one of those. For the referring do I gain entries if I refer others by other ways other than tweeting, facebook and google+?

          2. Just wanted you to know that I referred a lot friends by putting the unique URL on Linkedin and both of my blogs and since my blogs are connected with linkedin it goes there for a total of 3 times. I don’t if I get entries for doing this but I thought I’d try. Let me know if I get entries or not.

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