Giveaway: Happy Birthday gift From Angel Eyes to you!

In honor of my Birthday and a thank you for being my friend I want to give you a chance to win a birthday gift. But first I’m going to share my story with you.

I was born in Chicago on September 24, 2013. I came to Live with my mom and dad in December in Wisconsin when I was 10 weeks old. 

Here I am with my new mom at 10 weeks old. Mom and dad just lost there other kitty Nakita 22yrs old 3 months before they found me. There home was quiet and different when Nakita passed away so they decided to look for me to help make there new house a home again and to bring some laughter back into there lives, but they had no idea what I would bring to there life.

I was full of energy and as mom and dad describe me I’m full of life and was born with a sense of humor and eager to please. I also love to play with anything even trying to make everyone laugh so mom started to share my funny pictures on social media. When at 9 months old I received my first job modeling a pet tag then followed by more jobs with me trying different toys to let you know how good they are. By the time I was 1yr old I became the USA cat product specialist with over 36K, followers on Facebook.

Trust me it’s not all work I play all day and even love a moment to smell flowers.

There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t wake up with me with a smile and laughter. Mom says she is blessed to have me in her live and has made our house a home again and dad would say I’m a Dat,  meaning dog + Cat = Dat. I act like a smart dog like if you call me I will come to you. I even hunt like a hunting dog. I can learn anything that you teach me too by showing me once. He loves how smart, loving and funny I am.

As you can see I’m a good athlete too.

I’m blessed to have such loving parents and wonderful life and I wouldn’t change a thing even having you all as my friends so Thank you for making each day special and celebrating my 3rd birthday with me.

Now Who’s ready for a Giveaway in honor of my 3rd birthday to thank you for being my friend?  I’m giving away a Catit water fountain.


For a chance to win this click here and follow the below instructions to gain chances at winning them.

1. For Tweeting about the event through the GiveawayTool – 4 Chances
2. Sign up for our new newsletter via mail chimp for extra chances. (Bonus chances even if you don’t use Social Media!!!) – 5 Chances
3. Follow Angel or Katzenworld on Twitter – 2 Chances
4. Follow Katzenworld on Pinterest – 1 Chance
5. Follow us on Bloglovin – 2 Chances
6. Make a comment stating you would like to enter (for those that don’t use social media) – 2 Chances

US & Canadian entries only for this one, to enter click here. Entries are allowed until Midnight (UK time) on the 20th Of October 2016.

Good Luck everyone.


33 thoughts on “Giveaway: Happy Birthday gift From Angel Eyes to you!

  1. bogaertlinda01 says:

    What a sweetiepie you are! I was about 8 weeks old when I came to live with my Mum and am now 15,5 years old? I was called Mika, cos just like Finnish Formula 1 pilot Mika Hakinnen, I was a real race machine? Wishing you a wonderful birthday and sending a big hug from the other side of the world. Black tomcat Mika from Belgium???

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  3. Terri Hartley says:

    Happy Birthday! These little fountains are so cute! Timber loves fountains! And they are good for his “pee” issues.

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  5. Chubby Chew says:

    Angel You are so lucky to be able to try so many things. I would like to give it a go at the giveaway. Human says we will be moving to a newer larger place soon and I plan to stock it with all my things

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