Guest Star: Little Binky – One of the winners of Yuki’s artwork design competition

Meet one of the three winners of last years photo competition – Little Binky!

Box Love

Picture Artist: Yuki Chung

First of all apologies to everyone on the delay on the follow-up posts on these! We promise to be quicker with future competitions but I am sure you will agree that the artwork was worth the wait? 😀

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Please find their post below:

Hi everyone,

My name is Little Binky. I am 11 years… young and I live with my Granny and Grandpa since the Summer of 2008.


Actually I was the cat of Granny’s daughter, so Granny and I have known each other from the beginning that I came into the life of my mom and little twofeet brother.

I was found by my moms former friend, on an idustrial area when I was about three month old. It was Winter, so when I saw him getting into the car, I jumped into his car to warm myself up and he took me home with him, knowing that my mom would be very happy with me.

The next day they took me to the vet for a check up and to find out if I did have another family, but I was probably abandoned on that idustrial area, or a little Straycat, because there was nobody looking for me. It turned out from the check-up that I had lots of worms and they already had entered my lung area. The vet said that I was just in time and treated me for the worms serveral times. Don’t worry, I have survived the worms after a few months 🙂


When my mom and her friend seperated, she took my little twofeet brother up to live in a garden house temporally and after a few month she found a place to live at a colleague of hers. He had two cats and they didn’t liked me. I am a cat that stands for its rights, but they didn’t tolerate it. It was their home anyway, I was just an intruder, as they told me, so they chased after me day by day and my mom had to lock me up in the little bedroom, where I was safe. Only one time she was forgotten to lock the door. I had to run for my life that day, because nobody was home and I was very anxious and afraid. When Granny heared about the situation we were in, she came to pick me up and said that I never have to go back again, but I had to deal with Granny’s Angel, who didn’t like me too, but he didn’t chased me, because Granny told him not to and she also explained to him what happened to me, so that Angel and I could live with each other. I got therapy after that trauma and it took me quite a while before I was myself again, but with a lot of attention, patience and love I finally got over it.

I’m happy to be with Granny and Grandpa and I love them both. I love Grandpa too, he always combs my hair and un-ticks me, he is my best friend, but Granny understands me better. She knows when I don’t want to twirl with her and leaves me alone. When I want to be on my own and they pet me anyway, I approach them and hiss. Sometimes I give them a bang and run away real fast. Then I hear them laughing. They’re never angry at me…well, there’s no reason to 🙂

I like to play with the birds in our garden, the butterflies and frogs, but I won’t harm them. I can’t catch them anyway, they’re faster then me anyway. I don’t play with toys, like a mousie, they scare me. I’m running away for them. Living mousies are a different story 😉


I love rain, Granny calls me the Rain Cat sometimes, but I also love the sun, in that case I’m the Sun Cat, that must be obviously 😀

I have crazy minutes everyday, but I prefer lying on Granny’s lap… for the whole evening, or sleep the whole day through outside in my nest, or under the table. During the night I sleep next to Granny. I think I need a nap right now too. Thank you for reading my story.

Little Binky

Below is a slide-show of more of their fantastic photos! Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “Guest Star: Little Binky – One of the winners of Yuki’s artwork design competition

  1. Little Binky, I read your blog, but never knew your story. I am glad you have a good life now with Granny. You are adorable.

  2. The artwork is truly amazing. The drawing captured who Binky was inside and out. I think it is cool that your cat inspired a picture that is currently in an art competition.

  3. Binky, my ole friend!! We loved reading all about you and dispelling a bit of the mystery surrounding how you came to live with granny and grampa.
    Kitty Kisses,

    Kali and Shoko

          1. My mistake was buying the 16 GB but I think it’s best as It is full of cat pictures so I need to reduce my cat carrying capacity anyway lol

          2. lol That’s why I didn’t get the larger one bc I knew It would just fill up! I think I did ok at Cat Con though. Post is up today finally! More to come..

  4. binky; we loves thiz storee oh ewe N conga ratz two ewe on winnin de artwerk….it bee furtstic !!! we R troo lee sorree ya had ta go thru what ya wented thru, but we R veree glad ewe R now with graneez…N gram paw two…. { tho we still kneadz ta haza talk bout burdz } ♥♥♥

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