Worldwide Giveaway: Pusheen Goodies Part 1

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve teamed up with the people behind Pusheen to give you all the fabulous chance to win a fantastic array of prizes.

For those of you that have not seen Pusheen yet (HOW?!?) you should most certainly check out the website above as it’s one of the cutest cat cartoons we’ve seen. 😀

So how can you enter to win a pusheen prize? And what are we giving away today? 🙂

Today we are giving away the calendar to one lucky winner and a runner up prize of the pen for the second place. 🙂

Calendar? What calendar?
Calendar? What calendar?


Why are you looking at me?
Why are you looking at me?


You are saying the calendar is here...?
You are saying the calendar is here…?


Ooops... I guess it's under me!
Ooops… I guess it’s under me!

So to be in it for a chance to win one of these lovely prizes click here and complete any of the options below to gain chances!

Chances can be gained by the following methods:
1. When was pusheen first launched? (Mandatory) – answer through the giveawaytool link.
2. For Tweeting about the event through the Giveaway Tool – 4 Entries
3. Sign up for our new newsletter via mail chimp – 5 Entries
4. Follow us or Pusheen on Twitter – 2 Entries
5. Follow us on Pinterest – 2 Entries
6. Follow us on Bloglovin – 2 Entries
7. Make a comment stating you would like to enter and your email address on this post (for those that don’t use social media) – 4 Entries
8. Leave a comment in our new forum – 5 Entries

The giveaway will close on the 31s of January so don’t forget to enter before 23.59 UK time on the 31st of January.

Oh and please do sign up to our Newsletter.



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72 thoughts on “Worldwide Giveaway: Pusheen Goodies Part 1

  1. I’m not able to log into the forum to comment. I joined for a catnip toy giveaway a few weeks back, but when I try to log in I do the math question (which I know I answered right) and get a page that simply says “blocked”

  2. Very excited about this giveaway, Pusheen is one of my favourites! Plus I learnt something new today – her launch date haha!
    Good luck all who enter!

  3. My granddaughter would love Pusheen, couldn’t verify that I’m following both Twitter accounts this was the message I got ‘API verified entry-types cannot be edited’

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