Guest Star: Baldrick’s story

Meet the second of the three winners of our August photo competition – Baldrick!

Box Love

Picture Artist: Yuki Chung

These are also available in Keyring form in our Katzenworld Online Shop. 🙂

Please find his post below:

Hi everyone,

Mum and dad adopted me when a lady at mum’s work had a cat with kittens and they needed homes and they chose me! I was about 9 weeks old at the time!


Mum says I still act like I’m a kitten!!

We have moved house a few times but we have always stayed together even through some hard times and now we have come through the other side hope you enjoy some of my baby photos , dad didn’t have a good camera in those days so most of these are copied from slides but I still think I look cute!

And the below are some of my photos of me today just a little bit bigger than I was as a kitten! 😉


Love Baldrick xxx

If you would like to meet him on the caternet please click here for his Facebook page.

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36 thoughts on “Guest Star: Baldrick’s story

  1. mariannescottwriter says:

    I don’t have a cat of my own but I do enjoy cats who belong to other people. For instance my sister has two tabby’s, one is a Manx (no tail). Their names are Talia and Larry and they’re absolutely delightful. Poor Talia is recovering from a broken back leg. The vet suspects That Talia was run over by a car. But after surgery and few days in the cat hospital, she’s on the mend.

  2. sledpress says:

    Well SOMEONE is a Blackadder fan! And I love his “jumpy” photos so much I’ve been sending them to people all day without stopping in to comment. LOVE big ginger kitties.

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