Guest Star: Spikey’s Story

Meet one of the three winners of last years photo competition – Spikey!

Box Love

Picture Artist: Yuki Chung

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Please find their post below:

Hi everyone,

My name is Spikey! I was born on the 13.07.13 and live in Amberg in Bavaiara, that’s part of Germany!

My real mother was rescued by my parents from a terrible messy place. When she first got to them she was in a catastrophic state which is why my parents had to bottle feed me and my sister Zoey. (Cheeky sister is hiding behind me in the photo!!!)

I live here with another 6 cats and you may have seen our guest story in previous months here. We really are a colourful mix and love to play and chase around the house. 😀 Of course our human parents love us and make sure that we get spoiled every day haha.

My mum often says that she doesn’t know if I know that I am a cat or if I think that I am a human! I like to steal human food and if they don’t watch I’ll have my paw straight on their plate! 😀

But my favourite are Dreamies! If they are about I turn into a real hunter! And mum watch out if you don’t open it fast enough I will snatch away the whole bag muahaha.

What breed I am you wonder? No one knows this! All our vet said is that I am not really a Whiskas cat for that I am apparently way too big and heavy. But I am sure you will agree that I am a perfect mix the way I am!

I would like to say thank you to everyone and especially to the team at Katzenworld for the wonderful prize.

Purr! Don’t forget to visit me on Facebook! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Guest Star: Spikey’s Story

  1. James Frum says:

    There’s a hole in my soul and heart. There’s a hole in my work room. I love unconditionally but love shown through fun and time and a soul connection. It just is xxxxxxxxxxxxx Can’t believe the time has been expended but my pet will be happier and that is the most important thing to me! XXXXXXXXXXX

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