Guest Star: Boomer – One of the winners of our photo competition

Meet one of the two winners of our photo competition – Boomer! đŸ™‚


Picture Artist: Yuki Chung

Read his story written by his loving mum Barb on how Boomer and his family found each other. đŸ™‚

Boomer was found soaking wet and hanging by a weed in a canal in South Weber, Utah, on August 28, 2005. He was just a tiny little kitten at the time and must have wandered away from his new family. My 13 year old son, Brad, and I pulled him out of the canal and took him home.

Being I was a teacher at the local elementary school in the community, I tried to find his ‘parents’, but no one claimed him. I happily did! Boomer has always been my little pal~~we bonded immediately. It seems as if Boomer understands what I am saying and he likes to talk back….we have our daily ‘kitty conversations’!! Boomer has his daily routines but never seems to do normal kitty things. He has a ‘throne’ where he likes to watch the birds at the bird feeder that he got for his 8th birthday.

When he goes in the backyard with us, he will chatter at the birds, but he doesn’t bother chasing them because he knows that he gets fed out of a dish so why worry about the challenge of the chase of a bird!

We have two other cats in our home, Thelma and Louise, who are 21 years old. Boomer doesn’t interact with them because he thinks that they are cats and he is a person. He sleeps on the bed and also on the couch and chairs. They have cat beds and the floor. Boomer is a bit spoiled~~~he even has his own kitty stroller!


He is so easy to love because he never bites, scratches, or is ill tempered. Boomer is a very happy little (18 pound) boy. He senses when you don’t feel well and is very affectionate. What my husband, Jim, finds amazing is that Boomer will follow us around like a puppy and when we call his name, no matter where he is in the house, he will come running.

When Boomer is happy, the sides of his mouth actually appear to curl up as if he is smiling! His disposition is always happy!!! So content…. He has the prettiest blue eyes. He must have some Siamese in him because his blue eyes wiggle back and forth but he does not have any of the Siamese meanness in him at all.

Boomer has the prettiest nose – it is shaped like a heart. And, Boomer is all heart – he is so full of love! So easy to love, too. His fur is so soft and being he is so big, he is like holding a big, soft teddy bear! His purr is like a loud motor that keeps running and running. I could keep on writing about my Boomer.


Thanks for reading Boomer’s story. Btw He turned 9 on the 15th of May (bookmark this day to wish him happy birthday next year!) and we wish him and his family many many more happy years together. đŸ™‚

Below is a gallery of more of his fantastic photos! Enjoy!

If you would like to meet him on the caternet please click here for his facebook page.

And we hope you all are looking forward to more lovely photos and posts <3  @KatzenworldBlog


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30 thoughts on “Guest Star: Boomer – One of the winners of our photo competition

  1. The Canadian Cats says:

    This was a feel good story about Boomer. I must say though not all Siamese cats are mean. Siamese are one person cats that need lots of attention. If, you ignore them, them will try and get attention other ways.


    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      Interesting. I have never owned a Siamese cat but love how they look. :). Even lil Oliver has interesting ways of seeking attention btw and he is a box standard British short hair cat haha xD.

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