Purrsday Poetry: Happy Birthday

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Linda Hutchison.

Happy Birthday

For Little Caesar
March 16, 1995 to 2008

On this day in March

in between

the Roman Ides

and the Irish songs

I sing Happy Birthday

to my cat

Little Caesar.

He is a year old today.


A tuxedo cat

      ¾ black with white

      paws, chin, and chest


I should have called him

Fred Astaire.

I put a candle in his

savoury duck and meat sauce;

he backs away.

I put a paper crown on his head;

he flips it off

grabs it with his paw.

Cats do not tolerate nonsense

if it frightens or humiliates them

only if it amuses them.

He is not amused.

He looks at me with

wide eyes as I

sing Happy Birthday.

He runs across the kitchen and jumps

on my big old cat. She hisses.

Later they will curl up together.

They do this routine every day now.

And every day I ask myself

Is this my routine now?

A middle-aged lady singing to her cats

on this day in March.

My singing has an echo, an echo of other days

not ominous

not gleeful

but somewhere in between.



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