Purr-ly Whites: Does Your Cat Have Dental Disease?

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve teamed up with our friends from petco to provide you with their infographic series Purr-ly Whites on how to keep your cat’s teeth healthy.

This the second entry in the Purr-ly Whites series and looks at identifying the possible signs of dental disease:

pay attention to the signs

For further information check out their dental health page.

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23 thoughts on “Purr-ly Whites: Does Your Cat Have Dental Disease?

  1. Excellent tips! The drooling and refusing to eat were major signs with Shoko that something was amiss in her mouth. Sure enough she had 2 teeth that needing removal. The lethargy is a big one too. Kali has had most of her teeth removed, she is a messy eater and appears to have trouble eating at times. Even with her 4 teeth we are on the look out for gum problems but these Greenies for cats seem to be great.


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  2. I encountered these issues in several cats, and they’re symptoms of auto-immune issues. Tough treating it. Lost two of them due to side-effects of their steroid based medications. I learned from them, though. Although I know there is little ‘official’ information that grain in a cat’s diet causes or contributes to auto-immune and dental problems, eliminating grain from his diet and giving him a little L Lysine each day has virtually eliminated all of the symptoms.

    Excellent post. Cheers

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  3. I just talked with my vet this morning on this issue. Simba had three teeth removed a couple of years ago. The surgeon said it looked like she had been injured at some point but she also had a lot of gingivitis. She is on a careful diet to reduce inflammation since she also has allergies and that has helped. When she wants to touch noses I always do, that way I get to check her breath without bothering her. I never could convince her to let me brush her teeth LOL.

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  4. This is very important information, thanks so much for sharing, Marc. Because cats are experts at hiding the signs of pain, dental problems can quite often go un-noticed. Other signs to look out for are general ‘out of character’ moodines or malaise and loss of grooming.

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