Cats At The Bar: Bad Hair

Hi everyone,

As promised please find below the latest entry from the Cats at the Bar archive.


Bad hair day!  Tragically, I should have paid closer attention to Ink’s expression,  before reaching for the brush!

What are your experiences with brushing your cats? Does it usually go down well? Any hints and tips for us all?!?

More from the CATB files to come soon!

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24 thoughts on “Cats At The Bar: Bad Hair

  1. Sunny loves being brushed, preferably outside in the sunshine, hence her name. If I try to add anything to her grooming routine however—put a dab of flea medication on the back of her neck, trim a stray hair from inside her ear, pick a burr off of her tummy—she instantly grabs my hand with her claws and gives me this glare that could wither all of spring. Apparently she only goes for the basic brushing, and everything else, no thanks!

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  2. My Sully loves to be brushed! I brought a scrub brush to clean the tub once and she got to it and was brushing herself with it!!! When it was still in the bag!!! So we put it on her cat tree so she could brush herself.. so much for cleaning the tub that day or weekend! She even let’s be brush her backwards… and may I say I suggest if your cat will let you to do this to them, It gets more hair for less hair balls

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  3. Don’t usually brush out cats, but I did give one a bath for the very firs time. For both of us! He was icky and wants to be in the house. Went better than I thought it would. I didn’t have any battle scars, and he seemed to feel better about being clean. 😀

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