A Street Cat Named…

… Oliver!

Nubia: Hold on a second… I know that famous cat and his name is not Oliver!


Oliver: No no… It’s me I am the famous street cat!

Nubia: Right… well the evidence is in the photo above… It’s called A Street Cat Named Bob. Not Oliver! 😦


Oliver: But you have to admit that I look very pretty with this scarf right sis?

Nubia: Maybe… but do you remember how difficult it was for the humans to get you to wear it?!?

Oliver: No it wasn’t…

Nubia: Right…


Nubia: So you weren’t trying to wriggle away in this photo?

Oliver: I just wanted to check out the book…


Nubia: And walk away in this?

Oliver: Hmmm…. just trying to get to the right spot….


Oliver: Fine fine…. Maybe I was reluctant… but when I realised how nice and warm this scarf was. 😀

Oliver: And that was it – Model Street Cat Oliver ready for the fans!

Nubia: Let’s work on that… see I immediately did my…


Nubia: … Her Meowjesty Nubia the Queen of the cat universe pose! ❤

Oliver: Someone seems a little full of herself. 😦

Nubia: Anyhow… If you guys are wondering why we got these well that’s because of the Street Cat Bob movie and accompanying book and CD. 🙂

Oliver: While our humans got the book (too many letters!) we got a lovely scarf each and of course we can listen to the CD. 😀

Nubia: And as you might know our humans have even met the real Street Cat backstage before!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace


30 thoughts on “A Street Cat Named…

  1. Oliver you look cool! Believe me we know cool. We love Street Cat Bob and James. Mom has only been able to get the first book and got the Christmas Bob as a present for Christmas. Fashion is Kali’s forte not mine…I wear my Cat Scout kerchief with pride though.


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