Cats at The Bar: Count The Kitties!

Hi everyone,

If you’ve ever wondered how many cats used to live at Cats at the Bar…


To answer your questions; yes, all the cats in the photos were part of CATB, and I’ll just say that roughly half of the total are in this picture.

Nowadays Cats at the Bar has managed to re-home many of their cats but as you can see there were quite a few of them. 😉

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30 thoughts on “Cats at The Bar: Count The Kitties!

      1. This one are the cats from my friends over at cats at the bar. I believe Angela may have referred to having followed their blog. And yes tom finds homes for all of them. 🙂

        1. This isn’t for wordpress but for Katzenworld site. Oh were you able to pull the story from wordpress or do you need me to send the story. Let me know. Remember , Don’t use the one from Katzenworld Forum.

          1. Katzenworld is running on the wordpress engine so comment subscription should be stored in your wordpress account. 🙂

            I know that might sound confusing but we basically have wordpress installed to power Katzenworld. 😉

            And if you can send me that story via email that would be great.

  1. You might remember that I asked about Orange Plush. That’s him/her near the top next to the blue bowl (I think – looking at the tail)

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