Mews: Cat adopts ducklings! (Video inside) As seen on the BBC series ‚ÄúAnimal Odd Couples”

Wildlife biologist and host Liz Bonnin finds a cat who adopts three ducklings shortly after giving birth to kittens. The new mother now has a litter of six babies (three kittens and three ducklings) to look after. Thanks to this sweet mother cat, these 3 baby ducklings have a warm and loving place to call […]

Cat photo competition reminder :) (Plus many cute photos await in this post!)

Hello everyone! This is just a little reminder if you haven’t submitted your cat photo for our cat competition yet the deadline is the 5th of July. The winner will receive their cat drawn as a cartoon cat in front / on top of their favourite place and will also receive a special biography feature […]

Guest stars: Princess Flöckchen and Prince Rex

Hello Katzenworld readers, We are¬†Princess Fl√∂ckchen and Prince Rex two cats from the far away country of Germany! (At least it is if you are a cat and not already living here :O)   This is me¬†Fl√∂ckchen! I am always¬†on the look-out for mischievous things to do. Like here I am sitting in a bucket […]

Oliver & Nubia: Morning yawn

Parents decided to take some pictures of us in the morning! But why so early??? Oh yes humans must work ūüėģ Needless to say that the camera couldn’t quite follow our amazing yawns but certainly a cool “moving” picture effect =O Signed by His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief & Her Meowjesty Queen […]

Oliver: Who says only girls like pink things?

Who says only girls should like pink! I love relaxing in our crinkly pet toy tunnel. What who is there? Oh it’s the humans and the new camera… Fine take some photos! Come on in but only if you bring me food! Time to chill <3 If you want to find out more about this […]

Cat photo competition now running on our Facebook page

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for liking and sharing our page so far! To thank all of our followers we will run the following competition until the 5th of July. We would like to ask you to submit your favorite picture of your cat into the cat competition post on the top of the […]

Charity Appeal: Trooper the Handicapped Kitten & Bandit

Hello everyone! Today’s post is for two of our very special feline friends Trooper the Handicapped Kitten & Bandit. We read about them a few days ago and their story sure touched our hearts. We lso believe it is very important to help out cats in need and therefore decided to put up this post […]

When cats talk about dogs! Oliver: Guest star “Fee” the dog =o

So I was listening to the many tales of my humans about their recent trip to the far away country of Germany. Apparently they spent time with their family and also met some strange large animal there… They said it was a dog and as it’s owned by one of Marc’s sister I guess kind […]

Discounts & Offers: ZooPlus 15 years cat food celebration offer

Hello everyone, Just a quick note for those of you from the UK! If you are looking to stock up on cat litter or cat food this is a perfect ¬†chance. We just got an email from ZooPlus with 15 amazing cat food / litter offers. =D Just click through to ZooPlus here to have […]

Mews: Poppy the world’s oldest cat dies at the age of 24

So while reading one of our local newspapers today we found these rather sad but yet interesting news. Apparently poppy who lived in Bournemouth – UK passed away just weeks after she received the honour by the Guinnes World Records of being the worlds oldest living cat at the age of 24! Poppy was submitted […]