Oliver & Nubia: WOW! What is this??? A cat? A Ninja? o.o

Hi there humans!

Today we encountered something odd… Our humans got a new box but it was a little bit small for us and also had something that almost looked like me in stealth mode on it. 😀

Maybe a toy? Why would humans need toys anyway? They have us O.O”


Oli: I might fit in there…

Nubia: No way!

Oli: What you trying to say I am fat???

Nubia: Nope but that’s mouse size!

Oli: But I want to. 🙁

Nubia: *Sigh* boys


Oliver: @_@ It has come out of the box! What do you think humans do with this?


Nubia: Don’t care! But I look pretty next to it. <3 Hi Mr Ninja something. :O


Oliver: *Sniff* *Sniff* Is there something to eat in there?

Nubia: Noooooooooooo!!!! Don’t put your head in it might bite you!


Nubia: I wonder…

Oli: Wonder what? Hey wait what are you doing!


Nubia: Look Oli! My head fits in here! 😀

Oli: What did you say about not putting your head in there….

Nubia: Right I know what this is 😀

Oli: Don’t keep me in suspense…

Nubia: It is a mug! For tea! a Ninja one 😀

Oli: And you know that how?


Nubia: I found it on the catputer of course silly boy! 🙂

Oli: What where? Do they have cat versions? 😀

Nubia: You can get it on Firebox here for a total of 12.99 UK human money! Certainly a purrfect present for your human companions and as you can see loads of fun for catvestigations LOL.

Oli: Thanks Nubia but since when do you have a Mac o.O

Nubia: Oh well… I got this from… *hides*

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace


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39 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: WOW! What is this??? A cat? A Ninja? o.o

  1. dezizworld says:

    Looks purretty cool tu us tu. But why wuld da hoomans need a mug, it’s not like weez gunna let ’em dwink dat much at one time in peace anyways. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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