Mews: Try Pawsomebox and Purffectbox for cuddles, purrs, drools and tail-wagging excitement!

Hi everyone,

For those of you in the UK here are some purrtastic mews! There is a new subscription service that will enable you to always provide your feline (and canine) friend with the purrfect toy! Every month and their prices are quite reasonable too.

We are in the process of getting one of their boxes so a complete review will follow but for now please find their info below :): purrfectbox

Try Pawsomebox and Purffectbox for cuddles, purrs, drools and tail-wagging excitement!

Founded in 2012 by a team of pet parents and current leader in the European pet box market, Animalbox is launching ‘Pawsomebox’ (for dogs) & ‘Purrfectbox’ (for cats) in the UK: Subscription-based monthly gift boxes containing a selection of 5 to 6 premium goodies (High quality treats, unique toys, hygiene products and accessories) that are customised based on the pet’s size, breed and preferences!

Welcome to the world of Barkday parties (birthday parties for dogs), Doga sessions (Dog Yoga), whisker wednesdays and caturdays! Recent studies show that one in six pets enjoys monthly visits to the groomers and more than 90% get a Christmas present. On average per month, pet parents spend £70 on their pets and spoil them with 5-7 goodies!

Subscription goodie boxes for pets are a relatively new concept but have seen a lot of success and growth in the last few years. Animalbox co-founder, Antoine Chabassol comments “The element of surprise regarding the different goodies received every month and the cost-effectiveness of the boxes are major forces behind this success.” Each month, the boxes have a different theme for example a World Cup Box with goodies for outdoor games or a Halloween box filled with tricks and treats. Based on the theme, the staff picks out high quality treats, fun toys, hygiene products and accessories customised for the furry friends based on their size, breed and preferences. Subscription plans are monthly, 6 monthly or yearly plan and start from £15.90 per month with free home delivery. It is an economical alternative as the RRP of products is always much higher than the price of the box. The social media team provides tips, news, exciting offers, contests and even free boxes to make sure tails keep wagging!

To sign up for your own box click on the below image (or here as alternative):

logo purrfectbox

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10 thoughts on “Mews: Try Pawsomebox and Purffectbox for cuddles, purrs, drools and tail-wagging excitement!

  1. erikleo says:

    Ive a question you and/or your followers might like to answer. Ive had a 2yr old neutered female cat for about 8mths and have kept her indoors so far. I have a back yard and no garden. I’m afraid of losing her if I let her out into the yard. Would you recommend getting a harness so I could go outside in the yard with her on an expanding lead? I think she’s putting on weight by being inside!

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi there. This is a very good question actually and something we are actually thinking about putting a post up for! Our local vet recently recommended us to take our indoor only cat outside as he had digestion problems and needed to eat fibre (gras). If your cat had always been indoor the great outside world can be quite frightening. If you would like to take her outside it’s probaly a good idea to do this supervised ONLY. (There was a good article on Cody cat chat about this too) as part of this you could take her out on a lead and harness. When choosing your harness make sure that you do get a cat harness that goes around the belly and fits securely without being to tight but still secure. If in doubt check with your local vet on which brands he would recommend. Which country do you live in? I could have a look if ours is for sale in yours! There will also be an article on supervised cat walking here soon so stay tuned. 🙂

      • erikleo says:

        That’s great. Thanks for your thoughful reply. I’m in the UK and I think I’ll have a look for a harness soon. Ive measured the circumference round her tummy and back so have an idea of the correct size harness to get. I’ll stay tuned. Thanks again!

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