Mews: The Maclaw Wheel for cats

Hi everyone,

Some of you contacted us and asked about the wheel at Lady Dinah’s. Who makes it? Where can you get it? Of course we couldn’t sit by iddly and ignore your questions! Especially since we too are fascinated by this wheel!

The cat wheel at Lady Dinah’s Cat cafe as seen in action here is a custom version of the Maclaw wheel a small but fanstic company based here in the UK!


Below is their latest promo video showing how the wheels are made and of course showing it in action. 😀

Their Bengals have in fact been instrumental in developing what they believe is the best cat wheel in the world!

Best cat wheel in the world you ask? See below why!

Their wheel was originally designed in 2009 by Allan Hodgson (Mr Maclaw) and he alone crafts each one over a period of two weeks, the wheels are then hand decorated by Jacqueline Hodgson (Mrs Maclaw).

Once completed, the wheels are tested for a whole day with their own Bengal cats, this ensures that each wheel is ready and working perfectly before leaving their workshop.

The fact that they are personally involved in each and every wheels construction from start to finish is why they think they make the best cat wheel in the world.

Additionally this cat wheel is Vet endorsed by the Veterinary Surgeon Sarah Middleton MRCVS of Simply Cats.

Wheels can be chosen from standard designs as well as designing your own custom version. Prices start from £415 plus postage and they can deliver world wide!

Some of their amazing designs can be seen in the below slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This wheel certainly is purrfect to get some excercise for your indoor cat. And with these fantastic designs it’s not just another toy for your cats but can also be a piece of art for your living space.

To find out more about them or place an order for your own wheel head over to their website here.

P.S: Did we mention that this on the top of Oliver’s christmas wish list??? 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone!


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19 thoughts on “Mews: The Maclaw Wheel for cats

  1. floridaborne says:

    I’m fortunate to live in the country, where trees–and running away from dogs who want to play–provides exercise. This is a great device for the bored indoor cat. 🙂

  2. weggieboy says:

    I looked into one of these for the cat I had before those I have now, and concluded it was much too expensive for me, even used!

    I like the idea, though, and would reconsider getting one, though I think my two Persians would turn it into the most expensive cat lounger ever made…!

    That said, if I knew someone with one, I’d see about introducing my cats to it on a trial run, on the chance I under-estimate their desire to exercise.

    • Marc-André says:

      Yeah I know what you mean. What the world needs is a “cat cafe” that we can take our cats to and pay to have a private area to try out all the new toys and gadgets to find out what they do and don’t like. 😉

      I have got quite a collection of the things that mine didn’t quite enjoy that usually goes to friends xD. I still want to find out what Oli would do with a wheel. :). Nubes I think would unfortunately struggle a bit with her three legs =(

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