Cat Cafe: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium Maclaw wheel in action!

It was this time of the month again and we went once again to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium!

This time we got really lucky and managed to even see the Maclaw wheel in action! (Did we mention that this wheel is on Oliver’s top wish list??? haha)

If you missed our previous review click here and our second visit click here.

But let’s start with our top photo pics before the video!


Isn’t this sleeping place cute? Even better with cat!!!


What may she be hunting? Moths :O?

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Such pretty eyes. 🙂


Caught her at the fountain! She actually managed to get her chin completly wet from it but camera wasn’t fast enough for that part haha XD


Paper bag oh paper bag you are my favorite place in the world <3


Another pretty shot of her!


Managed to get these two ginger beauties napping with each other. 🙂


No visit is purrfect without a picture of Wookie!


Hmmm something tells me someone doesn’t want anymore pictures taken for the day…


Yep! NO more photos lol


Found you under the table!!!!


It’s great that they have little resting and food areas all through the cafe for the cats. 🙂


They changed the decoration and cat toys quite a bit since we went last time and got to say I Love this part


Love the little bees and look we found another cat ^^


This time someone tried to play with the little superman outside. 😉


Todays choice of cake – RAINBOW CAKE


What are you looking at? Oh wait you wanna go up on the shelfs! 😀


Yep shelfs it was and isn’t this one cute <3?


*Purr* Do not disturb – failing to adhere to this will end up badly for any human 😉


Such a fluffy tail… And look at the lil paw hanging off. 🙂


She may look all calm in this basket but don’t be fooled next will be a video of her in a wheel!!!!

Yes we got the Maclaw wheel in action! For those of you that want to make Oli happy it is on his christmas wish list. 😉


Don’t forget to pick these up on the way out. 😀


Anyone fancies sending me one of those mugs to work ^^?

More pictures of the most recent visit can be found by clicking here.

The photos of our second visit here.

And the photos of our first visit here.

Bookings can now be made one month in advance so head over to their website by clicking here if you want to find out more or make a reservation.

They are located at 152-154 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG not too far from Shoreditch High Street station.

Please share this collection with your friends and do let us know if you have any questions. ^^



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