Nubia: DJing on the Scratching Deck – A fun feline review

Hi there friends and humans alike,

It’s time for a fun product review with ME – Nubia!

Today my humans got a HUGE parcel I wonder what new toy is in there for me.

Oliver: *Shouts from the back* What if it is for me???


Nubia: What is it??? Can I go in there yet!


Nubia: Ok this box is purrfect… What was I doing again? Oh yea the review!!!!


Nubia: Look this is it!!!! its a Cat Scratching Pad styled as DJ desk by Suck UK 😀


Nubia: Something tells me that I won’t be able to assembl this with my three paws… Humans! Time for you to join in and make yourself useful!!!


Nubia: This was half way through building it. I really didn’t to wait for them to be finished this disk just looked to… hmmm tasty!


Nubia: Right here is a tip for the other  cats GET two of the humans to do this for you. This is a very stable product so easier if you have get two humans to build it. It took mine quite some time to get to this stage… but he was on his own and very careful!


Nubia: It is FINISHED. It’s sooo cute I love it! It got my fishes and my mousey on there too <3. It took my one human 15 minutes to assemble it probably would be faster if you have two humans. Watching him the cardboard kept sliding out until it was securely in place on all sides. It’s now purrfect and doesn’t break even if I jump on it hehe.


Nubia: Don’t I look pretty with it? And it is ALL mine!

Oliver: Can I touch it too…?

Nubia: NO. You break things!


Oliver: Come on Nubes it is dinner time!

Nubia: Nooooooo I want to play with this! Watch my video below:

Nubia: So what’s the verdict? If you love scratch pads and you can convince your human that you need a new scratching toy this would be your purrfect choice! 🙂 It is very stable and even withstands my takling, jumping and biting attacks. 😀

Nubia: It is also very easy to assemble and comes with instructions that even your human will be able to read 😉 (it has pictures too!!!) I would however recommend finding two of them to make it faster, easier and more efficient hehe.

So you want to know where you can find it and how much it costs? Let me check the caternet!


Nubia: Ok got it! I found the details on Amazon 😀 You can buy it here from the UK Amazon store for a current special offer price of 16.98 (usually 20) english human money.

Oh and for those of you in the US don’t fear you can still find it on the US Amazon store by clicking here.

Let us quickly look at the details they have got here:

  • Cardboard scratching deck for cats (And I sure love it!)
  • Easy to assemble – comes with full instructions (I can confirm this but would recommend 2 humans… You know what they are like)
  • Fun distraction for your cats from the sofa! (What! I never scratch the sofa!!!! hmm Ok maybe… But I haven’t since I got this? :O)
  • Comes with spinable deck and posable arm (Indeed and the posable arm is very… tasty… LOL)
  • Cat not included! (I hope so! It’s after all a present for your local resident cat o.O)

All in all I am very impressed kitty with this toy! Thank you humans for getting this for me.

Hope you enjoyed my post and don’t forget to buy this for your feline friend humans out there. 😀

Signed by


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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28 thoughts on “Nubia: DJing on the Scratching Deck – A fun feline review

    • Marc-André says:

      It is doable alone (I did it on my own) it would just be far easier with two :). It’s quite sturdy so the cardboard was a bit resistant to being pushed in the right places lol. But at the end of the day it’s meant to withstand cat power 😀

  1. greg1948 says:

    It is the strangest cat toy I have seen to date. Saw the entire video–lots of sniffing, but not scratching. I think that toy was nipped! I will wait for the sequel.

  2. Dr. J. says:

    Oh, no… my cats want this now. They’ve gone ahead and put it on MY wishlist. Can you get Nubia to show my cats how to use the caternet and create their own wishlist on Amazon?? 🙂

  3. Sylvia says:

    I just bought this from car boot sale for a pound and my kittens don’t now exactly what to do with it 🙂 Lilly treat it as a bed, Fluffy as a scratching post 🙂

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