Guest Star: Lessons from Mr. Bailey; the wise zen cat

bailey jan 2012

Hello readers,

Today we have a guest post from Bailey! Please see his story below:

This is Bailey, aka Mr. Bailey. He is a cute 4 year old boy, a Red-Pointed Siamese mix with big blue eyes that has graced my heart with his presence a few years back. He is very smart with his amazing ability to track birds and things outside the window.

Trust me; his ability is not cat-like in a gentle way.

Bailey does not go gently into that good night. No, instead he pitter-patters through the house, leaping and bumping into anything that gets in his way. He has been known to slide around the corners with ninja speed to get to his destiny. Not ninja grace, just speed.

My little boy will run from window sill to window sill keeping a blue eye on his target. He never loses sight of his purpose, even if it is blocked by a window screen or a lampshade in the case of the fly that has wandered in to his territory. It is of no concern to this determined cat; he will prevail, at least in his own mind.

tracking a fly with intensity

His destiny to me is shrouded in mystery as I do not know what he seeks. He is just one lone cat on an epic adventure of a hero’s quest.

When no one is watching, I think he puts on warrior gear and armor so he can become all un-stealth like at night. I hear the pounding of tiny combat boots, the clinking of armor, (possibly tipped food bowls) as he speeds around the corner. I even hear the meows as he calls to the other cats to join his adventure.

Nope, no one wants to be drafted into this expedition.

Despite his adventures, I have to wonder what he is wearing. One night when I was half asleep he padded over me to his destiny window with such force that it felt like little stiletto heels were piercing my chest. I think I may need armor too.

rub my feet

Either way, regardless of what he wears, he has a laser focus; an eye of the tiger, or in this case, the blue eye of a Siamese.

On many occasions he will take time-out from his adventure to play. This is when warrior cat becomes zen cat as he gives up his meowing and combat boots for a playtime romp and a few purrs.

cat play time

He will allow me to join him so I can learn the important lessons on being a cat. I must toss the toy so he can fetch it. We will repeat this process until he decided it is time to sit. He will then sit mindfully watching me as I continue to fetch his toys. This is the zen master now teaching the student, or so it feels.

cat zen

So I ask my little blue-eyed zen cat who sits on the fluffy pillow of contentment and all-knowing wisdom.

bailey august 2103

What is the lesson this week Mr. Bailey?

  • When you are determined, you feel the power of focus; single mindlessness. Finding that within is how you learn to face your kitty fears and become a lion. The little things like the padding through the water bowl or a jumping a box will not get in the way. The human can clean up the mess later.
  • Playtime needs to be mindful and fun. Now, go fetch that toy silly human kitty! Do it now. Do it in the presence of now.
  • Even if the path you travel is between the kitchen and living room, it does not matter. You must travel it with a presence of mind and an inquisitive padding to purpose. Only leave positive paw prints behind, except in the potted plants.
  • The final lesson. Stop and smell the flower…and purr.

Bailey is a joy. I DO love hearing the pounding of his tiny paws as these are the same paws that have put a paw print gently on my heart. Yes, that is the one thing he does gently.

He has given me clarity of purpose to find my creativity and express it with the ways & wisdom of the cat.

Now I have a secret that you must keep. Bailey says you must cross your paws.

Baily is in my blog. He is incognito, being disguised as an aspect of the black “zen” cat named Trouble Cat.

bailey smelling the flowers


Love, Peace & Paws!


steath like sleeping

To meet his human companion and find out more about zen cat click here for their Blog.

And we hope you all are looking forward to more lovely photos and posts <3  @KatzenworldBlog



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48 thoughts on “Guest Star: Lessons from Mr. Bailey; the wise zen cat

  1. zingara1961 says:

    coucou 🙂

    Il est magnifique , les couleurs sont belles , le roux très clair juste ce qu’il faut font un ensemble parfait .
    Il doit avoir un poil très doux qui fait du bien et certainement très câlin 😉

  2. DallyGirl says:

    Bailey has one of those faces that is so sweet and looks so kitten like even as an adult. Just innocence and pure bliss. What a a lovely and lively fun boy!

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