Oliver: Unite and join #thepussycatriot

Hi guys,

Today I’m not just going to look pretty but I also want to show my support to the people behind #thepussycatriot.

This is a very important campaign that asks all of us cats to unite against internet censorship! Unfortunately not all humans and cats are as lucky as we are and can’t enjoy the freedom that they should have! Things like YouTube and Facebook are blocked for them and they are not able to see our cute photos and videos. 🙁

So join in and make the humans hear our meows and roars. 🙂


I may look cute on here but I am certainly appropriately angry at those that block people from seeing my cute face!


You! Look at me! Join the fight and help us change the world. 😀


*Wearing his #thepussycatriot neck scarf loud and proud!* JOIN TODAY! Make us be heard!

More details @thepussycatriot or our previous post here.

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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13 thoughts on “Oliver: Unite and join #thepussycatriot

    1. ^^. All you need to do is take photos of your cats. And draft a story around the pussy cat riot. They are on twitter and Instagram. If you tweet them your post there they will re share it 🙂

    1. Some countries don’t allow the use of Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc. which means the people living there can’t see the amazing world of cat videos and photos! Hence the campaign. 🙂

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