Catnip Wars – Day 11 The Barn residents troubles

Day 11

So, my two ‘nip-heads are starting new problems in the barn. Oh, they are still feeling mellow, no longer fighting. The problem is with the other residents of the barn. The sheep don’t mind the black light posters, and while they find the sitar music annoying, they are willing to deal with it. The problem, they say, is that Tiggy and Casey don’t clean up after themselves when they have an attack of the munchies. The sheep are tired of tripping over pizza boxes, potato chip bags, pigeon feathers, etc.. As for the chickens, they haven’t complained much. In fact they were acting pretty mellow, themselves. I am concerned the hens are getting a contact high. Not sure this new peace between Tiggy and Casey is worth the bad influence on the sheep and chickens.

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Catnip Wars – Day 10 The Barn Decor

Day 10

I found a curtain of love beads hanging across the barn door when I did chores today. The Grateful dead was playing on the radio. And the odor of incense permeated the barn.
Tiggy and Casey, I think it’s great that you two are bonding, even if it is catnip induced. Buuut I think maybe you’re taking things a little bit too far. I mean, come on, you replaced the chickens’ heat lamps with LAVA lamps! Really? And are you sure tie-dyed tapestries are really going to fit in with barn decor? OK,OK, I guess I can deal with all of that. But you guys, there is one thing I absolutely, positively will not tolerate! You have to lose the patchouli oil! I cannot stand that smell! Can’t stand it! And besides, I can still smell the catnip, so it doesn’t even work!”

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Catnip Wars – Day 9 The peace treaty

Day 9

I am not proud of what I am about to confess. In my defense, my evil deed seems to have worked, at least temporarily.
After yesterday’s near-rumble I decided I needed to sit Tiggy and Casey down together and try to negotiate a peace treaty. Unfortunately neither of them would even agree to meet, much less talk. Stubborn felines!
Sooo, I used their own “precious vegetation” against them. Yes, I drugged them both! When they were both feeling good I got them together and sat them down to hash things out.

Me: You guys, all this fighting over a patch of catnip is ridiculous! It has to stop, before someone gets hurt!
Tiggy: It’s MY catnip! The barn is my territeriteritory. Let her find her own sources.
Casey: It’s a free country! Ohhhh beeeeautifulll for spacious skiiiies.
Me: Come on, you two, there is enough catnip for both of you. And honestly, neither one of you should sniff as much as you do.
Tiggy: Duuuude, you should try it some time. You don’t know what you’re missing!
Casey: Wait! What? Has Keen really never sniffed nip? Never? Duhude!
Tiggy: I know, right? Such a nerd!
Me: Hold it right there, you two! This is not about me! This meeting is about you guys and your battle over catnip.
Casey: Caaatniiiip!
Tiggy: Haaa ha ha haaaa! Catnip!
Me: Yes, catnip. There’s nothing funny about addiction.
Casey: tHeRe’S nOtHiNg FuNnY aBoUt AdDiCtIon. Hahahaha!
Tiggy: Ha ha hahh! What a nerd.
Me: I am not a nerd! Just because I don’t do drugs, that does not make me a nerd.
Tiggy: i’M nOt A nErD! hee heee
Casey: I’m NoT a NeRd! Woo hoo hoo hoo
Tiggy: Dude, check it out! I think she’s gonna cry.
Casey: Don’t cry Keen! We still love you. Even if you are a NERD!!! Ha ha ha haaa!
Tiggy: Stop, stop! I’m gonna pee! Woo hoo hoo hoo!


They continued to mock me and laugh at me and roll around on the ground, mocking and laughing at me the whole time. (And I did NOT cry! I had something in my eye!) As time passed, they became more and more mellow.

Casey: Tiggy, your catnip is the best!
Tiggy: I know! You should try it some time!
Casey: Dude! I already have! Ah hah ha ha ha!
Tiggy: Oh, yeah! ~Snort~ hee hee hee heee!
Casey: I am soooo hungry! Let’s order a pizza!
Tiggy: Wait waitwaitwait. We should totally go catch some pigeons in the haymow!
Casey: Ohhh, man. I LOVE pigeons! Let’s go!

So, they headed to the barn, laughing and quite chummy together. I don’t know how long it will last or what will happen when they come down off their catnip high. But at least the hostilities were over for today. Will I have to keep them both on a ‘nip high from here on out? Would that be ethical, or even possible? Do I want to deliberately contribute to the delinquency of felines? Would several sessions of catnip bonding eventually lead to a real friendship between them? Is drug use the key to lasting peace?

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