Catnip Wars – Day 6 The Dangers of Addiction

Day 6

Well, I did it. I took Casey aside and had a talk with her about this whole catnip business. I explained to her the dangers of addiction.
“That won’t happen to me,” she told me. “I’m just looking to have a little fun once in awhile. Why are you trying to ruin my life, Keen!?!?”
I tried to appeal to her better nature, pointing out that her actions affected not only her, but the whole family.
“Screw that! I do what I want!” she ranted. “You wanna catch me outside, Keen? Howbowda?!”
Finally, I tried to get it through her head that Tiggy was not happy about her infringement on his territory. She did not seem impressed. “Tiggy is twice your size, Casey! He is bigger, heavier, and stronger than you. And, aside from that, he knows I saw you in his catnip last time. He made it very clear to me what would happen if I didn’t notify him of any future encroachments. I will not cover for you again, Casey!”
Yeah, that was not my best strategy.
“I knew it! You love Tiggy more than you love me! Ever since he adopted you, you have loved him more! See! See why I sniff the ‘nip?!?! It’s because of you!”
And with that she jumped down off the banister, crying, and hid on top of the refrigerator the rest of the night. Have not seen her at all today, but something tells me this is not over…

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9 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 6 The Dangers of Addiction

  1. Tigger Haywood says:

    Catnip, batnip. I prefer a bit of mouse myself. And Casey: jealousy isn’t the answer. Be sure of yourself! Remember: you’re a cat! You don’t care who loves you! You love yourself, full stop.

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