Catnip Wars – Day 18 The Nights at the Barn

Day 18 The Nights at the Barn

Our next-door neighbour has been trying to sell her house. It has been on the market for a while now. Haven’t thought too much about it, but I have recently heard something disturbing through the grapevine. People don’t want to move to a “bad neighbourhood”.

All the clandestine ‘nip deals and cat fights at night make potential buyers uncomfortable. The late night yowling and hissing used to bother me, too. I felt compelled to intervene.

But after awhile you become hardened to it. I’m sad to admit that I barely notice the cat fights any more. Or the chalk outlines on the grass the next morning.

Image used for illustration. Free image source pixabay

Now I am being awakened to how the neighbourhood must seem to potential homeowners. Especially those with young kittens.

They certainly wouldn’t want their kittens to be exposed to drug dealers and thugs. Time to “clean up” the neighbourhood!

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4 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 18 The Nights at the Barn

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  2. Nora Hamilton says:

    The chalk outlines on the grass! Ha ha ha! No, I would not want to bring my young kitten into a neighborhood like that. Better get to work!

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