Catnip Wars – Day 13 The Rodents Paradise

Day 13

So, Casey and Tiggy were zoning out in the barn today, as usual. Watching repeats of “Three’s Company”, laughing way too hard at Joyce Dewitt’s hair-do. I just rolled my eyes kicked the candy bar wrappers out of my way. “This is really getting old,” I was thinking to myself. Then I heard it. Tiny, high-pitched voices were singing. The singing was not coming from the TV. (Where did the TV come from, anyway?) The sound was coming from the haymow. Climbed up the stairs as quietly as I could. What did I see? A group of 5 or 6 rats skipping around in a circle dance. They were singing, “We’re living in a rodents’ paradise! Oh, yeah.” There was chocolate and Doritos crumbs in their whiskers. Suddenly they noticed me and scattered. Things are so far out of hand!

Image Source: Pixabay – Used for illustration purposes only

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7 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 13 The Rodents Paradise

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  2. Catherine Lingg says:

    Lol I love these stories. Just one small question, especially in view of the whole rat thing, are YOU ingesting the catnip?? lol

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