Catnip Wars – Day 17 The Yowling Festival

Day 17

Wow, what a time I had with Casey this morning! When I got to the barn she was struggling to drag a full duffle bag up the path.
-“Whacha doin’, Casey?”
-“I’ve gotta get this up to the road so I can hitch a ride.”
-“Oh no you don’t! You know better than to go by the road! And don’t you ever let me catch you any where near the the road!”
-“I’m not going IN the road. Just by the side so I can hitch a ride.”
-“Hitch a ride to where?”
-“There’s this awesome yowling festival happening up north somewhere. I forget the town, but it has some biblical-sounding name.”
-“You think you’re going to hitchhike to a place you don’t even know the name of for a yowling festival?”
-“It’s gonna be epic! Everyone’s going! All the best yowlzicians are performing. Lenny Catvitz, Bobcat Dylan, The Abyssinian Brothers, Manx….”
-“I don’t care who is going to be there, YOU will not be there!”
-“I am an adult cat, Keen. You cannot tell me what to do!”
-“Oh, but I AM telling you. You are not going anywhere. Now let’s see what’s in the duffle bag.”
-“Stay out of my bag! It’s none of your business what I’m taking to the festival.”
-“Well, look at this! Catnip! Baggies and baggies full of catnip.”
-“Hey! QUIT dumping it all over the ground! The wind is blowing it away! You’re wasting it! TIGGY! Come see what Keen is doing!”
-“Tiggy is zoned out in the haymow. I am guessing you were planning on selling these at the yowling festival. Now, the catnip is not going and neither are you!”
-“But it will be the concert of the century! All the cats are talking about it. Everyone is going. I could have made thousands…”
-“I don’t care what everyone else’s cats are doing. You are NOT going to that thinly disguised ‘nip fest. I am going to put you in the house now. And if you try to sneak out I will lock you in your traveling crate! Is that clear?”

Image for illustration only. Sourced from free images by pixabay

I carried her, hissing and scratching, up to the house. Gave mom and dad instructions to not open the door for her under any circumstances. Rt. 20 is full of VW buses and junker cars with peace signs painted on them, all heading the same direction. I have no doubt any one of them would be happy to stop and let one more cat squeeze in for a ride. Where are all these cats’ owners? Do they even know where there pets are headed? Not my cat!

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