Catnip Wars – Day 16 The Rats

Day 16

TIGGY! A rat just ran over my foot!”
“Don’t be such a drag, Keen.”
“I’m not being a drag. I am expecting you to do your job!”
“Sorry, Keen, but don’t expect me to be the oppressor any more.”
“The oppressor? To rats?”
“Rats have a right to a peaceful existence, too, Keen.”
“Oh, they can have a peaceful existence. As long as they do it somewhere else and NOT in the barn!”
“That’s speciesist!”
“There are acres and acres on this farm where they can live. Just keep them out of the barn!”
“I’m a lover, not a fighter, Keen.”
“Bullshit! You are just too busy being on a catnip high to be bothered with anything else.”
“Keen, you need to chill out and relax. Have some ‘nip?”
“Alright then. Keep stressing over minor details. Peace out.”
“~Sigh~ Guess I’ll go chase the rats myself….”

Image for illustration only. Sourced from free images by pixabay
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